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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-10-01An active grid infrastructure for elderly careHoang, D; Lawrence, E
2009-01-01Advancing the m-learning research agenda for active, experiential learning: Four case studiesDyson, LE; Litchfield, A; Lawrence, E; Raban, R; Leijdekkers, P
2009-12-01Ambulatory health monitoring and remote sensing systems to be used by outpatients and elders at home: User-related design considerationsMoulton, B; Chen, J; Croucher, G; Lal, S; Lawrence, E; Mahendran, L; Varis, A
2006-11-17An architecture for wearable, wireless, smart biosensors: The MoteCare prototypeLubrin, E; Lawrence, E; Navarro, KF
2008-10-06Assistive care loop with electronic maternity recordsHoang, DB; Lawrence, E; Ahmad, NF; Balasubramanian, V; Homer, C; Foureur, M; Leap, N
2006-12-01Awareness of wireless sensor network potential in healthcare industry: A second UTAUT studyLubrin, E; Lawrence, E; Navarro, KF; Zmijewska, A
2005-09-21Bluetooth as an enabling technology in mobile transactionsPradhan, S; Lawrence, E; Zmijewska, A
2003-01Bluetooth in the m-Enterprise: True Blue Believers?Lawrence, EM; Culjak, G; injam, S; Srimani, PK; Bein, W; Hashemi, R; Lawrence, E; Cannataro, M; Regentova, E; Spink, A
2004-07-06Bluetooth potential in the m-enterprise: A feasibility studyPradhan, S; Lawrence, E; Newton, S; Das, J
2010-01Body Sensor networks for Mobile Health MonitoringGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P; Berntzen, L; Bodendorf, F; Lawrence, E; Perry, M; Smedberg, A
2013-01-01A collaborative task planning and development environment on the cloud/gridHoang, DB; Phung, MH; Lawrence, E
2010-08-27A collaborative task planning and development environment on the gridPhung, MH; Hoang, DB; Lawrence, E
2009-07-23Data collection, correlation and dissemination of medical sensor information in a WSNLawrence, E; Navarro, KF; Hoang, D; Yen, YL
2010-01-01Developing an interactive electronic maternity recordHomer, CSE; Catling-Paull, CJ; Sinclair, D; Faizah, N; Balasubramanian, V; Foureur, MJ; Hoang, DB; Lawrence, E
2007-12-01Directions for m-learning research to enhance active learningLitchfield, A; Dyson, LE; Lawrence, E; Zmijewska, A
2005-01Evaluating wireless technologies in mobile payments - A customer centric approachBachfischer, A; Brookes, W; Lawrence, E; Steele, R; Chang, E
2006Exploring the benefits of using motes to monitor health: an acceptance surveyLubrin, E; Lawrence, E; Bachfischer, A; Felix Navarro, K; Culjak, G; Dini, P
2006-12-01An extranet in action: Globally networked academics and studentsLawrence, E; Szewcow, U; Navarro, KF
2009-01-01A front-end for collaborative task planning on the gridPhung, HM; Hoang, DB; Lawrence, E
2006-12-01A global, collaborative, E-learning ecosystem: An academic/industry partnership in actionLawrence, E; Garner, B; Newton, S