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2013-02-11High risk prescribing in older adults: Prevalence, clinical and economic implications and potential for intervention at the population levelGnjidic, D; Le Couteur, DG; Pearson, SA; McLachlan, AJ; Viney, R; Hilmer, SN; Blyth, FM; Joshy, G; Banks, E
2021-04Higher-Impact Physical Activity Is Associated With Maintenance of Bone Mineral Density But Not Reduced Incident Falls or Fractures in Older Men: The Concord Health and Aging in Men Project.Ng, C-A; Scott, D; Seibel, MJ; Cumming, RG; Naganathan, V; Blyth, FM; Le Couteur, DG; Waite, LM; Handelsman, DJ; Hirani, V
2017-08-15A Liver Capsular Network of Monocyte-Derived Macrophages Restricts Hepatic Dissemination of Intraperitoneal Bacteria by Neutrophil RecruitmentSierro, F; Evrard, M; Rizzetto, S; Melino, M; Mitchell, AJ; Florido, M; Beattie, L; Walters, SB; Tay, SS; Lu, B; Holz, LE; Roediger, B; Wong, YC; Warren, A; Ritchie, W; McGuffog, C; Weninger, W; Le Couteur, DG; Ginhoux, F; Britton, WJ; Heath, WR; Saunders, BM; McCaughan, GW; Luciani, F; MacDonald, KPA; Ng, LG; Bowen, DG; Bertolino, P
2021-03-23Quantum Dot Nanomedicine Formulations Dramatically Improve Pharmacological Properties and Alter Uptake Pathways of Metformin and Nicotinamide Mononucleotide in Aging Mice.Hunt, NJ; Lockwood, GP; Kang, SWS; Westwood, LJ; Limantoro, C; Chrzanowski, W; McCourt, PAG; Kuncic, Z; Le Couteur, DG; Cogger, VC
2008-11-19Reactions of Pseudomonas aeruginosa pyocyanin with reduced glutathioneCheluvappa, R; Shimmon, R; Dawson, M; Hilmer, SN; Le Couteur, DG
2023-08Towards Optimizing Hospitalized Older adults' MEdications (TO HOME): Multi-centre study of medication use and outcomes in routine care.Hilmer, SN; Lo, S; Kelly, PJ; Viney, R; Blyth, FM; Le Couteur, DG; McLachlan, AJ; Arora, S; Hossain, L; Gnjidic, D