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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-12-30From practical to strategic changes: Strengthening gender in WASH. Final research reportLeahy, C; Winterford, K; Kelleher, J; Leong, L; Nghiem, T; Hoa, NQ; Willetts, J
2017-05Matadalan Kona-Ba Auditoria Sosiál Ba Timor-LesteWinterford, KH; Leahy, C
2018-01-01Research collaboration for impact evaluation: A study of gender and WASH in central VietnamLeahy, C; Winterford, K; Willetts, J; Nghiem, PT; Leong, L; Kelleher, J
2022-03-02The costs, health outcomes and cost-effectiveness of interventions for the prevention and treatment of incontinence-associated dermatitis: A systematic review.Cunich, M; Barakat-Johnson, M; Lai, M; Arora, S; Church, J; Basjarahil, S; Campbell, JL; Disher, G; Geering, S; Ko, N; Leahy, C; Leong, T; McClure, E; O'Grady, M; Walsh, J; White, K; Coyer, F
2022-03The water, sanitation and hygiene gender equality measure (WASH-GEM): Conceptual foundations and domains of changeCarrard, N; MacArthur, J; Leahy, C; Soeters, S; Willetts, J
2017-05-04Transforming gender relations through water, sanitation, and hygiene programming and monitoring in VietnamLeahy, C; Winterford, K; Nghiem, T; Kelleher, J; Leong, L; Willetts, J
2017-09-19Universities as facilitators of change: The role of research in achieving the Sustainable Development GoalsChong, J; Atherton, A; Leahy, C; White, S
2017-07-03Women in WASH Enterprises: Learning from female entrepreneurship in Cambodia, Indonesia and Lao PDRLeahy, C; Lunel, J; Grant, M; Willetts, JR