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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Access and Benefit Sharing: Issues Related to Marine Genetic ResourcesPisupati, B; Leary, DK; Arico, S
Jan-2014Addressing the Marine genetic resources issue: Is the debate heading in the wrong direction?Leary, DK; Juniper, SK; Schofield, C; Lee, S; Kwon, MS
1-Jan-2016The Australian Renewable Energy Target scheme: a case study of the impact of uncertainty on a market- based mechanismLeary, DK; Stoianoff, N; Kreiser, L; Butcher, B; Milne, J; Ashiabor, H
Jan-2008Bi-polar Disorder? Is Bioprospecting an Emerging Issue for the Arctic as well as for Antarctica?Leary, DK
Jan-2009Bioprospecting in Antartica and the Arctic. Common Challenges?Leary, DK
Jan-2008Bioprospecting in the ArcticLeary, DK
Jan-2009Climate Change and Renewable Energy from the Ocean and Tides: Calming the Sea of Regulatory UncertaintyLeary, DK; Esteban, M
Jan-2010The Corporatisation of International Responses to Climate Change: The Global Carbon Capture and Storage InstituteLeary, DK
Jan-2012Current developments and future prospects of offshore wind and ocean energyEsteban, M; Leary, DK
Jan-2010Emerging technologies: NanotechnologyLeary, DK; Pisupati, B; Leary, D; Pisupati, B
Jan-2009From Bali to Poznan: An assessment of Australia's response to climate change in 2008Leary, DK
Jan-2014From hydrocarbons to psychrophiles: the 'scramble' for Antarctic and Arctic resourcesLeary, DK; Stephens, T; VanderZwaag, DL
Jan-2008Greenland's new legislation on commercial and research-related use of biological resources: implications for the International Polar Year and laterLeary, DK
Jan-2008Innovation in Responding to Climate Change: Nanotechnology, Ocean Energy and ForestryEsteban, M; Webersik, C; Leary, DK; Thompson-Pomeroy, D
Jan-2010International Law and the Genetic Resources of the Deep SeaLeary, DK; Vidas, D
Jan-2010IntroductionLeary, DK; Pisupati, B; Leary, D; Pisupati, B
Jan-2011Job retention in the British offshore sector through greening of the North Sea energy industryEsteban, M; Leary, DK; Zhang, L; Utama, A; Tezuka, T; Ishihara, K
Jan-2008Looking Beyond the International Polar Year: Emerging and Re-emerging Issues in International Law and Policy in the Polar RegionsLeary, DK
Jan-2009Looking beyond the International Polar Year: What are the Emerging and Re-emerging Issues in International Law and Policy in the Polar Regions?Leary, DK
Jan-2011Marine energyWright, G; Leary, DK