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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A composition theorem for randomized query complexity via max conflict complexityGavinsky, D; Lee, T; Santha, M; Sanyal, S
2021-10-29A sublinear time quantum algorithm for s-t minimum cut on dense simple graphsApers, S; Auza, A; Lee, T
2019-06-04Addressing Expanded Polystyrene Waste Through A Closed-Loop System Using Digital Technologies: University of Technology Sydney Pilot StudyWakefield-Rann, R; Lee, T; Pandolfo, B; Florin, N
2021After The Australian UglinessStead, N; Lee, T; Patty, M; McEwan, E
2021-09-30Art, Design and Communicating the Story: The Cover of Coach Fitz.Adelaide, D; Attfield, S; Lee, T; Adelaide, D; Attfield, S
2021-01-01Attitudes, barriers and facilitators of hospital pharmacists conducting practice-based research: a systematic reviewReali, S; Lee, T; Bishop, J; Mirkov, S; Johnson, J; McCourt, E; Hughes, J; Pont, L; Page, AT; Penm, J
2021-06Beyond archetypes: advancing the knowledge of narrative fiction in future scenariosLee, T
2020-10-11Bone Feature Segmentation in Ultrasound Spine Image with Robustness to Speckle and Regular Occlusion NoiseHuang, Z; Wang, L-W; Leung, FHF; Banerjee, Sunetra; Yang, D; Lee, T; Lyu, J; Ling, SH; Zheng, Y-P
2019-03-16Bounding quantum-classical separations for classes of nonlocal gamesBannink, T; Briet, J; Buhrman, H; Lee, T; Labib, F
2015-01-01A comparison of isolated circulating tumor cells and tissue biopsies using whole-genome sequencing in prostate cancerJiang, R; Lu, YT; Ho, H; Li, B; Chen, JF; Lin, M; Li, F; Wu, K; Wu, H; Lichterman, J; Wan, H; Lu, CL; OuYang, W; Ni, M; Wang, L; Li, G; Lee, T; Zhang, X; Yang, J; Rettig, M; Chung, LWK; Yang, H; Li, KC; Hou, Y; Tseng, HR; Hou, S; Xu, X; Wang, J; Posadas, EM
2021-04-20Conspicuous and inconspicuous repair: A framework for situating repair in relation to consumer practices and design researchLee, T; Wakefield-Rann, R
2021-01-30Cultures of Number: Connections across literature, design and technologyLee, T
2008-01The Curse of the Everyday: Politics of Representation and New Social Semiotics in Post-Socialist ChinaSun, W; Sen, K; Lee, T
2018-12-01Design philosophy and poetic thinking: Peter sloterdijk’s metaphorical explorations of the interiorLee, T; Wakefield-Rann, R
2018Design practice, things and language: An iterative collaborationPandolfo, B; Lee, T
2017-11-09Design practice, things and language: an iterative collaborationLee, T; Pandolfo, B
2018-03-04Design Research Units and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs): An Approach for Advancing Technology and Competitive Strength in AustraliaWalden, R; Lie, S; Pandolfo, B; Lee, T; Lockhart, C
-Digital collaboration in design education: how online collaborative software changes the practices and places of learningLee, T; Pham, K; Crosby, A; Peterson, JF
2019-06-06Digital Work Practices: Affordances in Design EducationCrosby, A; Pham, K; Peterson, JF; Lee, T
2022-11-22Dust and Soil: Speculative Approaches to Microecological SensingLee, T; Wakefield-Rann, R