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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006The bairdboard bombardment: a decade of engagementLeggett, MG; Edmonds, E; Muller, L; Turnbull, D
Jan-2008Exploring Design Options for interactive Video with the Mnemovie hypervideo systemLeggett, MG; Bilda, Z
Jan-2005Generative Art: From Analogue to Digital FormationsLeggett, MG; Edmonds, E; Brown, P; Burraston, D
Jan-2005Generative Film: Analogue to Digital MigrationLeggett, MG; Innocent, T
Jan-2007Generative Systems and the Cinematic Spaces of Film and Installation ArtLeggett, MG
Jan-2006Hypermedia for portable video players (PVP)Leggett, MG; Amitani, S; Banissi, E; Sarfraz, M; Huang m, L; Wu, Q
Jan-2005Indexing Audio-Visual Digital Media: The Pathway PrototypeLeggett, MG
Jan-2006Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Practice-based ResearchLeggett, MG
Jan-2003Interface, Design and Visual IndexingBowman, CP; Gothe, J; Ireland, DJ; Leggett, MG; NA
Jan-2005Losers and Finders: Indexing Audio-Visual Digital MediaLeggett, MG; Edmonds, E; Brown, P; Candy, L; Hewett, T
Jan-2011Memory, Schema and Interactive VideoLeggett, MG; Candy, L; Edmonds, E
Jan-2006Meta-design approaches to indexing digital mediaLeggett, MG; Vella, R
2008Mnemovie : visual mnemonics for creative interactive videoLeggett, MG
Jan-2003PathScapes - Interface Options for Visual IndexingLeggett, MG; NA
Jan-2004Presence, Interaction and 'Data Space'Leggett, MG; Edmonds, E; Gibson, R
Jan-2008Strangers on the Land: Place and Indigenous Multimedia Knowledge SystemsLeggett, MG; Dyson, LE; Butt, D; Bywater, J; Paul, N
Jan-2006Towards a metadesign approach for building indigenous multimedia cultural archivesDyson, LE; Leggett, MG; Attwater, R; Merson, J