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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Aboriginal Engineering for an enduring civilisationKutay, CM; Leigh, E
2021-12-31Action learning for simulation design in project portfoliosSankaran, S; Shalbafan, S; Leigh, E; Pollack, J
2018Decision-making in project portfolio management: using the Cynefin framework to understand the impact of complexityShalbafan, S; Leigh, E; Pollack, J; Sankaran, S
2018Design Thinking: Project Portfolio Management and Simulation – A Creative Mix for ResearchShalbafan, S; Leigh, E
2019Disrupting the familiar: Applying educational theories to simulation-based learning and assessment designLeigh, E
2021-05-07Do You Have a Moment to Increase World Awesome? Game-Based Engagement with Social ChangeHassan, L; Leigh, E
2002From conventions without logic to logical conventionsMorrisey, J; Leigh, E; Sohal A
2018-09-09Future-Proofing Postgraduate Learning and Assessment Strategies for Deeper LearningAlgeo, C; Thompson, DG; Leigh, E; Carroll, D
2019Hooshmand: Intelligence and Emotion Entangled in a Simulation GameShalbafan, S; Leigh, E
2018-12How we tell our engineering storiesKutay, C; Leigh, E
2018-01-01Leading from the engine roomKutay, C; Leigh, E
2020-01-01Student perceptions of complexity in engineering educationGoldfinch, T; Vulic, J; Leigh, E; Willey, K
2018Transitions – From Deterministic to Probabilistic Learning Conditions - Managing Simulations in Complex ConditionsLeigh, E; Tipton, E
2015-12-07Using simulation to create a time-bound, space-constrained context for studying decision-making in project portfolio management using the Cynefin® frameworkShalbafan, S; Leigh, E; Pollack, J; Sankaran, S; Clegg, S
2016Using simulation to study decision-making in project portfolio managementShalbafan, S; Leigh, E; Pollack, J; Sankaran, S; Pries-Heje, J; Svejvig, P
2009-11-18Using students' devices and a no-to-low cost online tool to support interactive experiential mlearningLitchfield, A; Raban, R; Dyson, LE; Leigh, E; Tyler, J
2021-06-17Why Facilitation?Leigh, E; Likhacheva, E; Tipton, E; de Wijse-van Heeswijk, M; Zürn, B