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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-12-01Arc to craton provenance switching in a Late Palaeozoic subduction complex, Wandilla and Shoalwater terranes, New England Fold Belt, eastern AustraliaLeitch, EC; Fergusson, CL; Henderson, RA
2003-08-01Blueschist and eclogite in tectonic melange, Port Macquarie, New South Wales, AustraliaOch, DJ; Leitch, EC; Caprarelli, G; Watanabe, T
2001-04-30Geochemical evidence from Lower Permian volcanic rocks of Northeast New South Wales for asthenospheric upwelling following slab break offCaprarelli, G; Leitch, EC
2007-01Geological units of the Port Macquarie- Tacking Point tract, north-eastern Port Macquarie Block, Mid North Coast region of NSWOch, DJ; Leitch, EC; Caprarelli, G
1998-01-01Magmatic changes during the stabilisation of a cordilleran fold belt: The Late Carboniferous-Triassic igneous history of eastern New South Wales, AustraliaCaprarelli, G; Leitch, EC
2002-05-27MORB-like rocks in a Palaeozoic convergent margin setting, northeast New South WalesCaprarelli, G; Leitch, EC
2007-02-01Ordovician conodonts from the Watonga Formation, Port Macquarie, northeast New South WalesOch, DJ; Percival, IG; Leitch, EC
2011-11-01Orogenesis without collision: Stabilizing the terra australis accretionary Orogen, Eastern AustraliaCawood, PA; Leitch, EC; Merle, RE; Nemchin, AA
2011-10-01Unraveling the New England orocline, east Gondwana accretionary marginCawood, PA; Pisarevsky, SA; Leitch, EC
2009-08-01Volcanic and structural history of the rocks exposed at Pickering Crater (Daedalia Planum, Mars)Caprarelli, G; Leitch, EC