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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07-16Approaches for Authentic Engagement: Younger Onset DementiaFrost, D; Dillon, S; Grady, S; Thurlow, J; Leong, TW; Bell, J
2013-01-01Approaching a human-centred internet of thingsKoreshoff, TL; Leong, TW; Robertson, T
2018-10-25A book to inspire the pursuit of mystery and enchantment in HCILeong, TW
2011-12-01Bridging the affective gap to make news felt: Spaces of aestheticized public voiceBrynskov, M; Leong, TW; Fritsch, J
2008-12-22Choice: Abdicating or exercisingLeong, TW; Howard, S; Vetere, F
2016-01-01Co-design and robots: A case study of a robot dog for aging peopleLeong, TW; Johnston, B
2017-11-28Collaborative futures: A technology design approach to support living well with dementiaBell, J; Leong, TW
2019-05-02Collaborative futures: Co-designing research methods for younger people living with dementiaBell, J; Leong, TW
2014-01-01Combining think-aloud and physiological data to understand video game experiencesTan, CT; Leong, TW; Shen, S
2018-06-08Conducting qualitative fieldwork with ageing saudis: A visual diaryNassir, S; Leong, TW
2014-01-01CopyMe: A portable real-time feedback expression recognition game for childrenHarrold, N; Tan, CT; Rosser, D; Leong, TW
2014-01-01CopyMe: An emotional development game for childrenHarrold, N; Tan, CT; Rosser, D; Leong, TW
2018-12-04Days of our lives: Family experiences of digital technology useDerix, EC; Leong, TW
2019-12-02Designing for diversity in Aboriginal AustraliaLeong, TW; Lawrence, C; Wadley, G
2017-05-06Designing the social Internet of ThingsSoro, A; Brereton, M; Roe, P; Wyeth, P; Johnson, D; Ambe, AH; Morrison, A; Bardzell, S; Leong, TW; Ju, W; Lindtner, S; Rogers, Y; Buur, J
2017-11-28Digital meaning: Exploring and understanding the motivations and experiences of virtual volunteersFeng, VX; Leong, TW
2012-03-01Experiencing coincidence during digital music listeningLeong, TW; Vetere, F; Howard, S
2012Experiencing Coincidence During Digital Music ListeningLeong, TW; Vetere, F; Howard, S
2021-05-08Experiential Persona: Towards Supporting Richer and Unfinalized Representations of PeopleLeong, TW; Su, C-S; Liang, R-H; Tsai, W-C
2015-10-05Exploring gameplay experiences on the oculus riftTan, CT; Leong, TW; Shen, S; Dubravs, C; Si, C