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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04-01EUROSPINE 2017 FULL PAPER AWARD: Time to remove our rose-tinted spectacles: a candid appraisal of the relative success of surgery in over 4500 patients with degenerative disorders of the lumbar spine, hip or kneeMannion, AF; Impellizzeri, FM; Leunig, M; Jeszenszy, D; Becker, HJ; Haschtmann, D; Preiss, S; Fekete, TF
2019-01-01The external obturator footprint as a landmark in total hip arthroplasty through a direct anterior approach: a CT-based analysisRüdiger, HA; Fritz, B; Impellizzeri, FM; Leunig, M; Pfirrmann, CW; Sutter, R
2021-05-30Measurement properties of PROMIS short forms for pain and function in total hip arthroplasty patients.Stephan, A; Stadelmann, VA; Leunig, M; Impellizzeri, FM
2018-12Measurement properties of the German version of the IKDC subjective knee form (IKDC-SKF).Kümmel, D; Preiss, S; Harder, LP; Leunig, M; Impellizzeri, FM
2017-05Outcome of Hip Impingement Surgery: Does Generalized Joint Hypermobility Matter?Naal, FD; Müller, A; Varghese, VD; Wellauer, V; Impellizzeri, FM; Leunig, M
2016-09Simultaneous versus staged bilateral direct anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty: Are early patient-centered outcomes equivalent?Kamath, AF; Monteiro, EL; Spranger, A; Impellizzeri, F; Leunig, M
2018-07-01Skin crease 'bikini' incision for the direct anterior approach in total hip arthroplastyLeunig, M; Hutmacher, JE; Rüdiger, HA; Naal, FD; Ricciardi, BF; Impellizzeri, FM
2019-01-01Standardised measurement of physical capacity in young and middle-aged active adults with hip-related pain: Recommendations from the first International Hip-related Pain Research Network (IHiPRN) meeting, Zurich, 2018Mosler, AB; Kemp, J; King, M; Lawrenson, PR; Semciw, A; Freke, M; Jones, DM; Casartelli, NC; Wörner, T; Ishøi, L; Ageberg, E; Diamond, LE; Hunt, MA; Di Stasi, S; Reiman, MP; Drew, M; Friedman, D; Thorborg, K; Leunig, M; Bizzini, M; Khan, KM; Crossley, KM; Agricola, R; Bloom, N; Dijkstra, HP; Griffin, D; Gojanovic, B; Harris-Hayes, M; Heerey, JJ; Hölmich, P; Impellizzeri, FM; Kassarjian, A; Warholm, KM; Mayes, S; Moksnes, H; Risberg, MA; Scholes, MJ; Serner, A; Van Klij, P; Lewis, CL
2017-03The use of the Core Outcome Measures Index (COMI) in patients undergoing total knee replacement.Impellizzeri, FM; Leunig, M; Preiss, S; Guggi, T; Mannion, AF