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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03-07Analytics-Enabled teaching as design: Reconceptualisation and call for researchAlhadad, SSJ; Thompson, K; Knight, S; Lewis, M; Lodge, JM
2022-01-01Animal Abuse Proclivity Among Women: Exploring Callousness, Sadism, and Psychopathy TraitsIreland, JL; Birch, P; Lewis, M; Mian, U; Ireland, CA
2012-04-01Are myocardial infarction-associated single-nucleotide polymorphisms associated with ischemic stroke?Cheng, YC; Anderson, CD; Bione, S; Keene, K; Maguire, JM; Nalls, M; Rasheed, A; Zeginigg, M; Attia, J; Baker, R; Barlera, S; Biffi, A; Bookman, E; Brott, TG; Brown, RD; Chen, F; Chen, WM; Ciusani, E; Cole, JW; Cortellini, L; Danesh, J; Doheny, K; Ferrucci, L; Franzosi, MG; Frossard, P; Furie, KL; Golledge, J; Hankey, GJ; Hernandez, D; Holliday, EG; Hsu, FC; Jannes, J; Kamal, A; Khan, MS; Kittner, SJ; Koblar, SA; Lewis, M; Lincz, L; Lisa, A; Matarin, M; Moscato, P; Mychaleckyj, JC; Parati, EA; Parolo, S; Pugh, E; Rost, NS; Schallert, M; Schmidt, H; Scott, RJ; Sturm, JW; Yadav, S; Zaidi, M; Boncoraglio, GB; Levi, CR; Meschia, JF; Rosand, J; Sale, M; Saleheen, D; Schmidt, R; Sharma, P; Worrall, B; Mitchell, BD
2011-04-01Composition, uniqueness and variability of the epiphytic bacterial community of the green alga Ulva australisBurke, C; Thomas, T; Lewis, M; Steinberg, P; Kjelleberg, S
2022Confirming the factor structure of the Psychopathic Processing and Personality Assessment (PAPA) using a community sample: Attending to sex differences in psychopathyLewis, M; Ireland, JL; Ireland, CA; Derefaka, G; McNeill, K; Birch, P; Room, L; Coultas, C; Green, E; Newsome, J; Edwards, L; Smillie, L; McNabb, L; Onifade, H; Fergus, J
2011-05-01An integrative study of a meromictic lake ecosystem in AntarcticaLauro, FM; Demaere, MZ; Yau, S; Brown, MV; Ng, C; Wilkins, D; Raftery, MJ; Gibson, JA; Andrews-Pfannkoch, C; Lewis, M; Hoffman, JM; Thomas, T; Cavicchioli, R
2016-12-01Landsat and GRACE observations of arid wetland dynamics in a dryland river system under multi-decadal hydroclimatic extremesXie, Z; Huete, A; Ma, X; Restrepo-Coupe, N; Devadas, R; Clarke, K; Lewis, M
2022Marginalising Imposterism: An Australian Case Study Proposing a Diversity of Tendencies that Frame Academic Identities and ArchetypesLewis, M; Quinnell, R
2021-01-28Navigating complex organisational change: putting sustainable transitions theory to practiceLewis, M; Schweitzer, J; Cunningham, R; Jacobs, B
2011-02-01Novel antibacterial proteins from the microbial communities associated with the sponge Cymbastela concentrica and the green alga Ulva australisYung, PY; Burke, C; Lewis, M; Kjelleberg, S; Thomas, T
2018-01Optimising implementation of a patient-assessment framework for emergency nurses: A mixed-method study.Munroe, B; Curtis, K; Buckley, T; Lewis, M; Atkins, L
2009-09-18Phylogenetic screening of a bacterial, metagenomic library using homing endonuclease restriction and marker insertionYung, PY; Burke, C; Lewis, M; Egan, S; Kjelleberg, S; Thomas, T
2020-01-01Prison gangs: Re-examining their existence, reframing their functionIreland, JL; Birch, P; Henrich, S; Lewis, M; Ireland, CA
2021-01-01Psychopathic Processing and Personality Assessment (PAPA): exploring factor structureLewis, M; Ireland, J; Ireland, C; Derefaka, G; McNeill, K; Birch, P
2019-10-29Refocusing Threshold Concepts: Surfacing and Attending to Student Misconceptions as a Necessary (and Safer) Form of Liminal Learning AbstractLewis, M; M. Lodge, J; Quinnell, R
2020-08-01The 'Within' Journey: Assessment of the Online Indigenous Australian Cultural Competence Training Programme at Charles Sturt UniversityHill, B; Tulloch, M; Mlcek, S; Lewis, M
2021-10-31The pandemic and public interest journalism: Crisis, survival – and rebirth?Sweet, M; Williams, M; Armstrong, R; McInerney, M; Lewis, M; Govender, E; Holland, K
2022-01-01Understanding post-crisis trauma recovery for the past decade in uniformed services: a narrative reviewDe Silva, R; Ireland, JL; Birch, P; Ireland, CA; Lewis, M; Dissanayake, R; Atapattu, M
2011-04-12Virophage control of antarctic algal host-virus dynamicsYau, S; Lauro, FM; DeMaere, MZ; Brown, MV; Thomas, T; Raftery, MJ; Andrews-Pfannkoch, C; Lewis, M; Hoffman, JM; Gibson, JA; Cavicchioli, R
2021-01-01‘You'll Never Get Cultural Competence in Science': An Australian Perspective on Integrating Cultural Competence into Science Teaching Via Cultural AccountabilityCross, R; Quinnell, R; Bell, T; Rhodes, P; Dancso, Z; Hubble, T; Wardle, G; Lewis, M; Motion, A; Murphy, D; Gongora, J