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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02-09Attitudes of sperm, egg and embryo donors and recipients towards genetic information and screening of donorsAmor, DJ; Kerr, A; Somanathan, N; McEwen, A; Tome, M; Hodgson, J; Lewis, S
2012-01The detection of freezing of gait in Parkinson's Disease patients using EEG signals based on wavelet decompositionHandojoseno, AM; Shine, JM; Nguyen, N; Tran, YH; Lewis, S; Nguyen, HT; Khoo, MCK
2021-05-19Health system interventions to integrate genetic testing in routine oncology services: A systematic reviewO’Shea, R; Taylor, N; Crook, A; Jacobs, C; Kang, YJ; Lewis, S; Rankin, NM
2021-10-09Hopeful dying? The meanings and practice of hope in palliative care family meetings.Kirby, E; Broom, A; MacArtney, J; Lewis, S; Good, P
2020-09How can Australia integrate routine genetic sequencing in oncology: a qualitative study through an implementation science lens.O'Shea, R; Rankin, NM; Kentwell, M; Gleeson, M; Salmon, L; Tucker, KM; Lewis, S; Taylor, N
2018-12-17Improving women's knowledge about prenatal screening in the era of non-invasive prenatal testing for Down syndrome - development and acceptability of a low literacy decision aid.Smith, SK; Cai, A; Wong, M; Sousa, MS; Peate, M; Welsh, A; Meiser, B; Kaur, R; Halliday, J; Lewis, S; Trevena, L; Yanes, T; Barlow-Stewart, K; Barclay, M
2020-01-01“I’m Not a Number, I’m Someone to Them”: Supporting Commencing University Students’ Through Technology-Mediated Personalised CommunicationLewis, S; Heath, G; Lim, L; Roberts, R
2016-05-03Knowledge matters: producing and using knowledge to navigate healthcare systemsWillis, K; Collyer, F; Lewis, S; Gabe, J; Flaherty, I; Calnan, M
2018-02-15Sea-level change and demography during the last glacial termination and early Holocene across the Australian continentWilliams, AN; Ulm, S; Sapienza, T; Lewis, S; Turney, CSM
2019-04-02Social Bodies & Social JusticeLewis, S; Thomson, M
2021-11Stakeholders' views of integrating universal tumour screening and genetic testing for colorectal and endometrial cancer into routine oncology.O'Shea, R; Rankin, NM; Kentwell, M; Gleeson, M; Tucker, KM; Hampel, H; Taylor, N; Lewis, S
2020-09The (Co)Production of Difference in the Care of Patients With Cancer From Migrant Backgrounds.Broom, A; Parker, R; Raymond, S; Kirby, E; Lewis, S; Kokanović, R; Adams, J; de Souza, P; Woodland, L; Wyld, D; Lwin, Z; Koh, E-S