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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07-01Dual-Stage Control Strategy for a Flying Capacitor Converter Based on Model Predictive and Linear ControllersLezana, P; Norambuena, M; Aguilera, R
2013-12-01Dual-stage model predictive control for Flying Capacitor ConvertersLezana, P; Norambuena, M; Aguilera, RP; Quevedo, DE
2013-05-01Finite-control-set model predictive control with improved steady-state performanceAguilera, RP; Lezana, P; Quevedo, DE
2018-08-10Phase-Shifted Model Predictive Control of a Three-Level Active-NPC ConverterMora, A; Aguilera, RP; Cardenas, R; Lezana, P; Lu, DDC
2021-09-01Predictive Optimal Switching Sequence Direct Power Control for Grid-Tied 3L-NPC ConvertersMora, A; Cardenas, R; Aguilera, RP; Angulo, A; Lezana, P; Lu, DDC
2017-03-01Selective Harmonic Elimination Model Predictive Control for Multilevel Power ConvertersAguilera, RP; Acuña, P; Lezana, P; Konstantinou, G; Wu, B; Bernet, S; Agelidis, VG
2019-02-01Sequential phase-shifted model predictive control for a five-level flying capacitor converterAcuna, P; Ghias, A; Aguilera, RP; Lezana, P; McGrath, B; Merabet, A; Jayan, V
2019-01-11Sequential Phase-Shifted Model Predictive Control for a Single-Phase Five-Level H-bridge Flying Capacitor ConverterAcuna, P; Aguilera, RP; McGrath, B; Lezana, P; Ghias, A; Pou, J
2018-04-06Sequential Phase-Shifted Model Predictive Control for multicell power convertersAguilera, RP; Acuna, P; Su, X; Lezana, P; McGrath, B
2015-08-01Switched Model Predictive Control for Improved Transient and Steady-State PerformanceAguilera, RP; Lezana, P; Quevedo, DE
2012-12-01A switched model predictive control formulation for flying capacitor convertersAguilera, RP; Lezana, P; Quevedo, DE