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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-013-D Printed All-Dielectric Dual-Band Broadband Reflectarray with a Large Frequency-RatioZhu, J; Yang, Y; McGloin, D; Liao, S; Xue, Q
2020-06-013-D Printed Planar Dielectric Linear-to-Circular Polarization Conversion and Beam-Shaping Lenses Using Coding PolarizerZhu, J; Yang, Y; McGloin, D; Rajasekharan Unnithan, R; Li, S; Liao, S; Xue, Q
2017-10-04A 320 GHz on-chip slot antenna array using CBCPW feeding network in 0.13-μm SiGe technologyHou, ZJ; Yang, Y; Zhu, X; Liao, S; Man, SK; Xue, Q
2018-02-0160 GHz Dual-Circularly Polarized Planar Aperture Antenna and ArrayZhu, J; Liao, S; Yang, Y; Li, S; Xue, Q
2018-12-0160 GHz Substrate-Integrated-Waveguide-Fed Patch Antenna Array with Quadri-PolarizationZhu, J; Li, S; Liao, S; Yang, Y; Zhu, H
2019-05-0160-GHz High Gain Planar Aperture Antenna Using Low-Temperature Cofired Ceramics (LTCC) TechnologyZhu, J; Yang, Y; Chu, C; Li, S; Liao, S; Xue, Q
2021-01-01Additively Manufactured Millimeter-Wave Dual-Band Single-Polarization Shared Aperture Fresnel Zone Plate Metalens AntennaZhu, J; Yang, Y; Li, M; McGloin, D; Liao, S; Nulman, J; Yamada, M; Iacopi, F
2021-12-15Additively Manufactured Multi-Material Ultrathin Metasurfaces for Broadband Circular Polarization Decoupled Beams and Orbital Angular Momentum Generation.Zhu, J; Yang, Y; Hu, N; Liao, S; Nulman, J
2021-12-01Aperture-Shared Millimeter-Wave/Sub-6 GHz Dual-Band Antenna Hybridizing Fabry-Pérot Cavity and Fresnel Zone PlateZhu, J; Yang, Y; Liao, S; Xue, Q
2022Attentive WaveBlock: Complementarity-Enhanced Mutual Networks for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Person Re-Identification and Beyond.Wang, W; Zhao, F; Liao, S; Shao, L
2022-01-01Dual-Band Antenna Hybridizing Folded Transmitarray and Folded ReflectarrayZhu, J; Yang, Y; Liao, S; Xue, Q
2022-05-01Dual-Band Aperture-Shared Fabry-Perot Cavity-Integrated Patch Antenna for Millimeter-Wave/Sub-6 GHz Communication ApplicationsZhu, J; Yang, Y; Liao, S; Li, S; Xue, Q
2022-01-01Dual-Band Aperture-Shared High Gain Antenna for Millimeter-Wave Multi-Beam and Sub-6 GHz Communication ApplicationsZhu, J; Yang, Y; Hou, Z; Liao, S; Xue, Q
2019-11-01Dual-Band Dual Circularly Polarized Antenna Array Using FSS-Integrated Polarization Rotation AMC Ground for Vehicle Satellite CommunicationsZhu, J; Yang, Y; Li, S; Liao, S; Xue, Q
2021-01-01Gain Enhancement of Low-Profile Omnidirectional Antenna Using Annular Magnetic Dipole DirectorsLin, S; Liao, S; Yang, Y; Che, W; Xue, Q
2022-09-01Low-Profile and Shared Aperture Dual-Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna by Reusing Structure of Annular Quasi-Dipole ArrayZhang, Z; Liao, S; Yang, Y; Che, W; Xue, Q
2021-09-01Low-Profile Circularly Polarized Isoflux Beam Antenna Array Based on Annular Aperture Elements for CubeSat Earth Coverage ApplicationsLi, S; Liao, S; Yang, Y; Che, W; Xue, Q
2020-04-01Low-Profile Wideband and High-Gain LTCC Patch Antenna Array for 60 GHz ApplicationsZhu, J; Yang, Y; Chu, C; Li, S; Liao, S; Xue, Q
2020-02-13Mm-Wave Low-Profile Wideband Antenna Array Using Low-temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) TechniqueZhu, J; Yang, Y; Chu, C; Li, S; Liao, S; Xue, Q
2022-09-14Neisseria species as pathobionts in bronchiectasis.Li, L; Mac Aogáin, M; Xu, T; Jaggi, TK; Chan, LLY; Qu, J; Wei, L; Liao, S; Cheng, HS; Keir, HR; Dicker, AJ; Tan, KS; De Yun, W; Koh, MS; Ong, TH; Lim, AYH; Abisheganaden, JA; Low, TB; Hassan, TM; Long, X; Wark, PAB; Oliver, B; Drautz-Moses, DI; Schuster, SC; Tan, NS; Fang, M; Chalmers, JD; Chotirmall, SH