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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09-01The B2B Knowledge GapLilien, GL
2011-07-01Bridging the academic-practitioner divide in marketing decision modelsLilien, GL
2012-01-01Business-to-business marketing: Looking back, looking forwardGrewal, R; Lilien, GL
2014-05-01Cross-selling performance in complex selling contexts: An examination of supervisory- and compensation-based controlsSchmitz, C; Lee, YC; Lilien, GL
2018-01-01Design orientation and new product performanceSrinivasan, R; Lilien, GL
2014-01-01Do Retailers Benefit from Deploying Customer Analytics?Germann, F; Lilien, GL; Fiedler, L; Kraus, M
2013-01-01Effective marketing science applications: Insights from the ISMS-MSI practice prize finalist papers and projectsLilien, GL; Roberts, JH; Shankar, V
2013-01-01Framing the university ranking game: Actors, motivations, and actionsDearden, JA; Grewal, R; Lilien, GL
2013-06-01Performance implications of deploying marketing analyticsGermann, F; Lilien, GL; Rangaswamy, A
2013-01-01The sales lead black hole: On sales reps' follow-up of marketing leadsSabnis, G; Chatterjee, SC; Grewal, R; Lilien, GL
2011-05-01Should firms spend more on research and development and advertising during recessions?Srinivasan, R; Lilien, GL; Sridhar, S
2019-08-01Strategic Manipulation of University Rankings, the Prestige Effect, and Student University ChoiceDearden, JA; Grewal, R; Lilien, GL
2014-03-01Supplier-selected referralsHada, M; Grewal, R; Lilien, GL
2012-01-01The total product design concept and an application to the auto marketSrinivasan, R; Lilien, GL; Rangaswamy, A; Pingitore, GM; Seldin, D
2012-01-01Trade shows in the business marketing communications mixGopalakrishna, S; Lilien, GL
2019-01-01Within-Seller and Buyer–Seller Network Structures and Key Account ProfitabilityGupta, A; Kumar, A; Grewal, R; Lilien, GL