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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Alpha modulation in parietal and retrosplenial cortex correlates with navigation performance.Chiu, T-C; Gramann, K; Ko, L-W; Duann, J-R; Jung, T-P; Lin, C-T
26-Sep-2013Automatic design for independent component analysis based brain-computer interfacing.Chuang, C-H; Lin, Y-P; Ko, L-W; Jung, T-P; Lin, C-T
2013Boosted Vehicle Detection Using Local and Global FeaturesLin, C-T; Hsu, S-C; Lee, J-F; Yang, C-T
12-Nov-2012Brain dynamics of mathematical problem solving.Lin, C-L; Jung, M; Wu, YC; Lin, C-T; She, H-C
Oct-2013Can arousing feedback rectify lapses in driving? Prediction from EEG power spectra.Lin, C-T; Huang, K-C; Chuang, C-H; Ko, L-W; Jung, T-P
Sep-2012Co-modulatory spectral changes in independent brain processes are correlated with task performance.Chuang, S-W; Ko, L-W; Lin, Y-P; Huang, R-S; Jung, T-P; Lin, C-T
Jan-2011Cognition in action: imaging brain/body dynamics in mobile humans.Gramann, K; Gwin, JT; Ferris, DP; Oie, K; Jung, T-P; Lin, C-T; Liao, L-D; Makeig, S
Aug-2013Controlling a human-computer interface system with a novel classification method that uses electrooculography signals.Wu, S-L; Liao, L-D; Lu, S-W; Jiang, W-L; Chen, S-A; Lin, C-T
1-Oct-2013Design and Implementation of Wearable and Wireless Multi-Channel Brain-Computer Interface with the Novel Dry SensorsLiao, L-D; Chen, B-W; Tseng, KC; Ko, L-W; Wang, I-J; Chen, S-A; Chang, J-Y; Lin, C-T
12-Nov-2012Design of the multi-channel electroencephalography-based brain-computer interface with novel dry sensors.Wu, S-L; Liao, L-D; Liou, C-H; Chen, S-A; Ko, L-W; Chen, B-W; Wang, P-S; Chen, S-F; Lin, C-T
Jan-2011Design, fabrication and experimental validation of a novel dry-contact sensor for measuring electroencephalography signals without skin preparation.Liao, L-D; Wang, I-J; Chen, S-F; Chang, J-Y; Lin, C-T
Jun-2012Design, simulation and experimental validation of a novel flexible neural probe for deep brain stimulation and multichannel recording.Lai, H-Y; Liao, L-D; Lin, C-T; Hsu, J-H; He, X; Chen, Y-Y; Chang, J-Y; Chen, H-F; Tsang, S; Shih, Y-YI
13-Oct-2014Developing an EEG-based on-line closed-loop lapse detection and mitigation system.Wang, Y-T; Huang, K-C; Wei, C-S; Huang, T-Y; Ko, L-W; Lin, C-T; Cheng, C-K; Jung, T-P
2015Discovering monotonic stemness marker genes from time-series stem cell microarray data.Wang, H-W; Sun, H-J; Chang, T-Y; Lo, H-H; Cheng, W-C; Tseng, GC; Lin, C-T; Chang, S-J; Pal, N; Chung, I-F
2017Driver Drowsiness Estimation from EEG Signals Using Online Weighted Adaptation Regularization for Regression (OwARR)Wu, D; Lawhern, VJ; Gordon, S; Lance, BJ; Lin, C-T
Mar-2016EEG Alpha and Gamma Modulators Mediate Motion Sickness-Related Spectral Responses.Chuang, S-W; Chuang, C-H; Yu, Y-H; King, J-T; Lin, C-T
May-2012EEG correlates of haptic feedback in a visuomotor tracking task.Lin, C-L; Shaw, F-Z; Young, K-Y; Lin, C-T; Jung, T-P
Jun-2016An EEG-Based Fatigue Detection and Mitigation System.Huang, K-C; Huang, T-Y; Chuang, C-H; King, J-T; Wang, Y-K; Lin, C-T; Jung, T-P
Oct-2013EEG-based learning system for online motion sickness level estimation in a dynamic vehicle environment.Lin, C-T; Tsai, S-F; Ko, L-W
2016Effect of a cognitive involving videogame on MI taskNascimben, M; Yu, Y-H; Lin, C-T; King, J-T; Singh, AK; Chuang, C-H