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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-12Deep transfer learning enables lesion tracing of circulating tumor cells.Guo, X; Lin, F; Yi, C; Song, J; Sun, D; Lin, L; Zhong, Z; Wu, Z; Wang, X; Zhang, Y; Li, J; Zhang, H; Liu, F; Yang, C; Song, J
2021Design of 74% Fractional Bandwidth Continuous-Mode Doherty Power Amplifier Using Compensation SusceptanceSun, JX; Lin, F; Zhou, XY; Zhu, X
2019-01-01A Destination Prediction Network Based on Spatiotemporal Data for Bike-SharingJiang, J; Lin, F; Fan, J; Lv, H; Wu, J
2011-10-11An encoding and labeling scheme based on continued fraction for dynamic XMLJiang, Y; He, X; Lin, F; Jia, W
2022-04-13High Spatial and Temporal Resolution NIR-IIb Gastrointestinal Imaging in Mice.Mi, C; Guan, M; Zhang, X; Yang, L; Wu, S; Yang, Z; Guo, Z; Liao, J; Zhou, J; Lin, F; Ma, E; Jin, D; Yuan, X
2023-02-14Neutrophil conversion to a tumor-killing phenotype underpins effective microbial therapy.Yam, AO; Bailey, J; Lin, F; Jakovija, A; Youlten, SE; Counoupas, C; Gunzer, M; Bald, T; Woodruff, TM; Triccas, JA; Goldstein, LD; Gallego-Ortega, D; Grey, ST; Chtanova, T
2022Sex-Specific Associations Between Serum Phosphate Concentration and Cardiometabolic Disease: A Cohort Study on the Community-Based Older Chinese Population.Lan, Q; Zhang, Y; Lin, F; Meng, Q; Buys, N; Fan, H; Sun, J
2024-03-05Topological barrier to Cas12a activation by circular DNA nanostructures facilitates autocatalysis and transforms DNA/RNA sensing.Deng, F; Li, Y; Yang, B; Sang, R; Deng, W; Kansara, M; Lin, F; Thavaneswaran, S; Thomas, DM; Goldys, EM