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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-01Anisotropic functionalization of upconversion nanoparticlesRen, W; Wen, S; Tawfik, SA; Su, QP; Lin, G; Ju, LA; Ford, MJ; Ghodke, H; Van Oijen, AM; Jin, D
2018-03-06Bispecific Antibody-Functionalized Upconversion NanoprobeHe, H; Howard, CB; Chen, Y; Wen, S; Lin, G; Zhou, J; Thurecht, KJ; Jin, D
2011-06-01Controllable space selective precipitation of copper nanoparticles in borosilicate glasses using ultrafast laser irradiationTeng, Y; Zhou, J; Luo, F; Lin, G; Qiu, J
2012-01-01A discussion on spectral modification from visible to near-infrared based on energy transfer for silicon solar cellsZhou, J; Teng, Y; Ye, S; Lin, G; Qiu, J
2018-01-01DNA-mediated anisotropic silica coating of upconversion nanoparticlesRen, W; Zhou, Y; Wen, S; He, H; Lin, G; Liu, D; Jin, D
2017-12-22Encoding Microreactors with Droplet Chains in MicrofluidicsSong, W; Lin, G; Ge, J; Fassbender, J; Makarov, D
2019-12Gradient-sized control of tumor spheroids on a single chip.Fang, G; Lu, H; Law, A; Gallego-Ortega, D; Jin, D; Lin, G
2017-01-01Magnetic sensing platform technologies for biomedical applicationsLin, G; Makarov, D; Schmidt, OG
2017-09-13Microtubular Fuel Cell with Ultrahigh Power Output per FootprintMiao, S; He, S; Liang, M; Lin, G; Cai, B; Schmidt, OG
2020-05Optical Nanomaterials and Enabling Technologies for High-Security-Level Anticounterfeiting.Ren, W; Lin, G; Clarke, C; Zhou, J; Jin, D
2018-11-06Quantitative Lateral Flow Strip Sensor Using Highly Doped Upconversion NanoparticlesHe, H; Liu, B; Wen, S; Liao, J; Lin, G; Zhou, J; Jin, D
2018-05-10The Quest for Optical Multiplexing in Bio-discoveriesLin, G; Baker, MAB; Hong, M; Jin, D
2011-04-01Recent development on laser technique of internal engraving in glassTeng, Y; Zhou, J; Lin, G; Jiang, X; Qiu, J
2012-04-01Recent Research Progress on Femtosecond Laser Induced Microstructures in GlassesTeng, Y; Zhou, J; Lin, G; Luo, F; Zhou, S; Qiu, J
2020-08-01Rectangular double-tube concrete columns with an internal elliptical high-strength steel tube: Concept and behaviorYe, YY; Zhu, DH; Zeng, JJ; Lin, G; Wang, WQ
2012-12-18Stretchable spin valves on elastomer membranes by predetermined periodic fracture and random wrinklingMelzer, M; Lin, G; Makarov, D; Schmidt, OG
2017-06-01Structured Learning of Binary Codes with Column Generation for Optimizing Ranking MeasuresLin, G; Liu, F; Shen, C; Wu, J; Shen, HT
2018-07-01Taking upconversion to lase in microcavityLin, G; Jin, D
2012-05-01Ultrafast modification of elements distribution and local luminescence properties in glassTeng, Y; Zhou, J; Lin, G; Hua, J; Zeng, H; Zhou, S; Qiu, J
2019-11-26Ultrasensitive Ratiometric Nanothermometer with Large Dynamic Range and PhotostabilityMi, C; Zhou, J; Wang, F; Lin, G; Jin, D