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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A monoclonal antibody against basic fibroblast growth factor attenuates cisplatin resistance in lung cancer by suppressing the epithelial-mesenchymal transition.Hu, P; So, K; Chen, H; Lin, Q; Xu, M; Lin, Y
2016-10-13An audiovisual BCI system for assisting clinical communication assessment in patients with disorders of consciousness: A case studyWang, F; He, Y; Qu, J; Xie, Q; Lin, Q; Ni, X; Chen, Y; Yu, R; Lin, CT; Li, Y
2013-12-01AVR-tree: Speeding up the NN and ANN queries on location dataLin, Q; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Lin, X
2010-07-01BizSeeker: A hybrid semantic recommendation system for personalized government-to-business e-servicesLu, J; Shambour, Q; Xu, Y; Lin, Q; Zhang, G
2020-12-15Blockchain for Internet of things applications: A review and open issuesChen, F; Xiao, Z; Cui, L; Lin, Q; Li, J; Yu, S
2022-01-01Compact, Wideband, Circularly Polarized, Inductive Grid-Array Metasurface AntennaLin, Q; Tang, MC; Ziolkowski, RW
2014-01-01Consensus-based ranking of multivalued objects: A generalized borda count approachZhang, Y; Zhang, W; Pei, J; Lin, X; Lin, Q; Li, A
2004-01Echocardiography Sequential Images Compression Based on Region of InterestJia, W; He, S; Lin, Q; Shi, G
2012-07-10Effectively indexing the multi-dimensional uncertain objects for range searchingZhang, Y; Zhang, W; Lin, Q; Lin, X
2014-03-01Effectively indexing the multidimensional uncertain objectsZhang, Y; Zhang, W; Lin, Q; Lin, X; Shen, HT
2010-07-02Effectively indexing the uncertain spaceZhang, Y; Lin, X; Zhang, W; Wang, J; Lin, Q
2013-01-01Efficient general spatial skyline computationLin, Q; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Lin, X
2020-11-08Efficient incident identification from multi-dimensional issue reports via meta-heuristic searchGu, J; Luo, C; Qin, S; Qiao, B; Lin, Q; Zhang, H; Li, Z; Dang, Y; Cai, S; Wu, W; Zhou, Y; Chintalapati, M; Zhang, D
2010-06-01Efficient rank based KNN query processing over uncertain dataZhang, Y; Lin, X; Zhu, G; Zhang, W; Lin, Q
2012-05-11General spatial skyline operatorLin, Q; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Li, A
2022-08-01Low-Profile, Electrically Small, Ultrawideband Antenna Enabled with an Inductive Grid Array MetasurfaceLin, Q; Tang, MC; Chen, X; Yi, D; Li, M; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-01-01MuL-GRN: Multi-Level Graph Relation Network for Few-Shot Node ClassificationZhang, L; Wang, S; Liu, J; Lin, Q; Chang, X; Wu, Y; Zheng, Q
2019Multi-Level Deep Cascade Trees for Conversion Rate Prediction in Recommendation SystemZhang, J; Wen, H; Lin, Q; Yang, K; Huang, P
2022-11-03Multifunctional, Low-Profile, Compact and Wideband Inductive Grid-Array Metasurface AntennasLin, Q; Tang, M-C; Ziolkowski, RW
2020Neural feature search: A neural architecture for automated feature engineeringChen, X; Qiao, B; Zhang, W; Wu, W; Chintalapati, M; Zhang, D; Lin, Q; Luo, C; Li, X; Zhang, H; Xu, Y; Dang, Y; Sui, K; Zhang, X