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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02Active learning for regression using greedy samplingWu D; Lin C-T; Huang J
2020EEG-Based Drowsiness Estimation for Driving Safety Using Deep Q-LearningMing Y; Wu D; Wang Y-K; Shi Y; Lin C-T
-EnK: Encoding time-information in convolutionSingh AK; Lin C-T
2020Extended Interaction with a BCI Video Game Changes Resting-State Brain ActivitySingh AK; Wang Y-K; King J-T; Lin C-T
2019-10Intelligent Multi-agent Coordination and LearningChang Y-C; Dostovalova A; Lin C-T; Kim J
2019-01Long-Term Exposure to Ambient Hydrocarbons Increases Dementia Risk in People Aged 50 Years and above in Taiwan.Zhang H-W; Kok VC; Chuang S-C; Tseng C-H; Lin C-T; Li T-C; Sung F-C; Wen CP; Hsiung CA; Hsu CY
2020-02Prediction Error Negativity in Physical Human-Robot CollaborationSingh AK; Aldini S; Leong D; Wang Y-K; Carmichael MG; Liu D; Lin C-T
2019Privacy-preserving linear regression for brain-computer interface applicationsAgarwal A; Dowsley R; McKinney ND; Wu D; Lin C-T; Cock MD; Nascimento A
2019-08Protecting Privacy of Users in Brain-Computer Interface Applications.Agarwal A; Dowsley R; McKinney ND; Wu D; Lin C-T; De Cock M; Nascimento ACA
2020-06-10Stochastic Multichannel Ranking with Brain Dynamics Preferences.Pan Y; Tsang IW; Singh AK; Lin C-T; Sugiyama M
-The Impact of Hand Movement Velocity on Cognitive Conflict Processing in a 3D Object Selection TaskSingh AK; Gramann K; Chen H-T; Lin C-T
2019White-box target attack for EEG-based BCI regression problemsMeng L; Lin C-T; Jung T-P; Wu D