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2017-07-19The APOE ϵ4 Allele Is Associated with Lower Selenium Levels in the Brain: Implications for Alzheimer's DiseaseCardoso, BR; Hare, DJ; Lind, M; McLean, CA; Volitakis, I; Laws, SM; Masters, CL; Bush, AI; Roberts, BR
2013Decreased Copper in Alzheimer's Disease Brain Is Predominantly in the Soluble Extractable FractionRembach, A; Hare, D; Lind, M; Fowler, C; Cherny, R; McLean, C; Bush, A; Masters, C; Roberts, B
2013-11-18Decreased copper in alzheimer's disease brain is predominantly in the soluble extractable fractionRembach, A; Hare, DJ; Lind, M; Fowler, CJ; Cherny, RA; McLean, C; Bush, AI; Masters, CL; Roberts, BR
2023Phase II, double blind, placebo controlled, multi-site study to evaluate the safety, feasibility and desirability of conducting a phase III study of anamorelin for anorexia in people with small cell lung cancer: A study protocol (LUANA trial).Sousa, MS; Martin, P; Johnson, MJ; Lind, M; Maddocks, M; Bullock, A; Agar, M; Chang, S; Kochovska, S; Kinchin, I; Morgan, D; Fazekas, B; Razmovski-Naumovski, V; Lee, JT; Itchins, M; Bray, V; Currow, DC; Matsubara, J
2016-11-14Rubidium and potassium levels are altered in Alzheimer's disease brain and blood but not in cerebrospinal fluidRoberts, BR; Doecke, JD; Rembach, A; Yévenes, LF; Fowler, CJ; McLean, CA; Lind, M; Volitakis, I; Masters, CL; Bush, AI; Hare, DJ
2015-01-01Stabilization of nontoxic Ajβ-oligomers: Insights into the mechanism of action of hydroxyquinolines in alzheimer’s diseaseRyan, TM; Roberts, BR; McColl, G; Hare, DJ; Doble, PA; Li, QX; Lind, M; Roberts, AM; Mertens, HDT; Kirb, N; Pham, CLL; Hinds, MG; Adlard, PA; Barnham, KJ; Curtain, CC; Masters, CL
2015-01-01Traumatic brain injury induces elevation of Co in the human brainRoberts, BR; Hare, DJ; McLean, CA; Conquest, A; Lind, M; Li, QX; Bush, AI; Masters, CL; Morganti-Kossmann, MC; Frugier, T