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-A unified call to action from Australian Nursing and Midwifery leaders: ensuring that Black Lives MatterGeia, L; Baird, K; Bail, K; Barclay, L; Bennett, J; Best, O; Birks, M; Blackley, L; Blackman, R; Bonner, A; Bryant AO, R; Kitson, A; Knight, S; Levett-Jones, T; Lindsay, D; Lovett, R; Luck, L; Malloy, L; Manias, E; Mannix, J; Marriott AM, R; Mills, J; Martin, M; Massey, D; McCloughen, A; McGough, S; McGrath, L; Mitchell, B; Mohamed, J; Montayre, J; Moroney, T; Moyle, W; Moxham, L; Northam AM, H; Nowlan, S; O'Brien, T; Power, T; Ogunsiji, O; Patterson, C; Pennington, K; Peters, K; Phillips, J; Procter, N; Ramjan, L; Ramsay, N; Rasmussen, B; Rihari-Thomas, J; Rind, B; Robinson, M; Roche, M; Sainsbury, K; Smallwood, G; Salamonson, Y; Sherwood, J; Shields, L; Sim, J; Skinner, I; Smallwood, R; Stewart, L; Taylor, S; Usher AM, K; Virdun, C; Wannell, J; Ward, R; West, C; West, R; Buzzacott, C; Wilkes, L; Williams, R; Wilson, R; Wynaden, D; Wynn, R; Campbell, S; Catling, C; Chamberlain, C; Cox, L; Cross, W; Cruickshank, M; Cummins, A; Dahlen, H; Daly, J; Darbyshire, P; Davidson, P; Denny-Wilson, E; De Souza, R; Doyle, K; Drummond, A; Duff, J; Duffield, C; Dunning, T; East, L; Elliott, D; Elmir, R; Fergie, D; Ferguson, C; Fernandez, R; Flower AM, D; Foureur, M; Fowler, C; Fry, M; Gorman, E; Grant, J; Gray, J; Halcomb, E; Hart, B; Hartz, D; Hazelton, M; Heaton, L; Hickman, L; Homer, C; Hungerford, C; Hutton, A; Jackson AO, D; Johnson, A; Kelly, M
2022-09-23Australian and EU Policy Responses to Algorithmic News Distribution: A Comparative AnalysisLindsay, D
2019-04-07Human Rights and Technology Issues Paper: UTS SubmissionBuckingham Shum, S; Vincent, N; Lindsay, D; Potts, M; Anderson, T; Carnemolla, P; Cottee, P; Doran, B
2022-12-01Industry 4.0 for energy productivity – Opportunity Assessment for Research Theme B2, Final ReportTrianni, A; Bennett, N; Lindsay, D
2020-09-01Liability of Platforms under Australian Privacy LawLindsay, D; Kunc, F
2021-02-15Nurses in advanced roles as a strategy for equitable access to healthcare in the WHO Western Pacific region: a mixed methods studyKim, S; Lee, TW; Kim, GS; Cho, E; Jang, Y; Choi, M; Baek, S; Lindsay, D; Chan, S; Lee, RLT; Guo, A; Wong, FKY; Yu, D; Chair, SY; Shimpuku, Y; Mashino, S; Lim, G; Bonito, S; Rumsey, M; Neill, A; Hazarika, I
2022-03Quantifying the hospital and emergency department costs for women diagnosed with breast cancer in Queensland.Lindsay, D; Bates, N; Diaz, A; Watt, K; Callander, E
2020Regulating security for the consumer Internet of Things (IoT)Wright, E; Lindsay, D
2022-02-11Regulating to Protect Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT): Draft ReportWright, E; Lindsay, D; Wilkinson, G
2022-06-01Regulation of Internet of Things Devices to Protect ConsumersLindsay, D; Wilkinson, G; Wright, E
2022-12Responding to the challenges of Consumer Internet of Things devices: The case for reforming the Australian consumer guaranteesLindsay, D; Wilkinson, G; Wright, E
2022-06Response to: The "Cascade of interventions": Does it really exist?Fox, H; Topp, SM; Lindsay, D; Callander, E
-Submission dated 21 February 2020 to Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications on Online Safety Legislative Reform Discussion PaperLee, K; Lindsay, D; Molitorisz, S; Wilding, D
2021-08-27Submission to Department of Home Affairs discussion paper on Strengthening Australia’s cyber security regulations and incentivesWilkinson, G; Wright, E; Lindsay, D; Collings, N; Fraser, H
2022-04-08Submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission: Digital Platform Services Inquiry: Discussion Paper for Interim Report No 5 - Updating Competition and Consumer Law for Digital Platform ServicesLee, K; Wilding, D; Paterson, P; Lindsay, D
2023Who is Responsible for an Internet of Unsafe Things under the Australian Consumer Law?Wright, E; Lindsay, D; Wilkinson, G
2020-08-01WIPO's role in collating and publishing data and statistics, and in economic analysisLindsay, D; Ricketson, S