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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01Adapting a Remote Laboratory Architecture to Support Collaboration and SupervisionLowe, DB; Berry, C; Murray, SJ; Lindsay, E
2011-01Adaptive tutorials to target Threshold Concepts in Mechanics - a community of practice approachPrusty, GB; Russell, C; Ford, R; Ben-Naim, D; Ho, S; Vrcelj, Z; Marcus, N; McCarthey, TJ; Goldfinch, T; Ojeda, RE; Gardner, AP; Molyneaux, T; Hadgraft, RG; Al-Abdeli, YM; Lindsay, E
2010-01Derivation of Suitability Metrics for Remote Access Mode ExperimentsLindsay, E; Murray, SJ; Lowe, DB; Kostulski, T; Tuttle, SW; Auer, M; Karlsson, G
2009-10-01Evolving remote laboratory architectures to leverage emerging internet technologiesLowe, D; Murray, S; Lindsay, E; Liu, D
2008-12-01Experiences with a hybrid architecture for remote laboratoriesMurray, S; Lowe, D; Lindsay, E; Lasky, V; Liu, D
2008-01Factors That Impact Learning Outcomes in Both Simulation and Remote LaboratoriesBright, C; Lindsay, E; Lowe, DB; Murray, SJ; Liu, D; Luca, J; Weippl, ER
2011-01Gatekeeping or filtering?: Investigating the connection between peer review & research qualityWilley, K; Jolly, L; Tibbits, G; Gardner, AP; Al-Abdeli, YM; Lindsay, E
2011-01Getting tutors on the same pageWilley, K; Gardner, AP; Al-Abdeli, YM; Lindsay, E
2022-01-01Innovating Engineering Education at Greenfield Sites: Transferable Insights from Doblin's Model of InnovationBoyle, F; Hadgraft, R; Lindsay, E; Ulseth, R
2011-01Internet-hosted assessment system for effective teaching and enhanced learning for engineering subjectsSaleh, A; Li, J; Lucas, J; Al-Abdeli, YM; Lindsay, E
2011-12-01Labshare: Towards cross- Institutional laboratory sharingLowe, D; Conlon, S; Murray, S; Weber, L; Nageswaran, W; de la Villefromoy, M; Lindsay, E; Nafalski, A; Tang, T
2011-01Observing cultural interactions in engineering design projectsGoldfinch, T; Layton, C; Gardner, AP; Thomas, G; Henderson, A; McCarthy, T; Al-Abdeli, YM; Lindsay, E
2011-01Peer Review of Teamwork for Encouraging Equal Commitment to the Group EffortWilley, K; Wandel, A; Al-Abdeli, YM; Lindsay, E
2007-01Remote Laboratories in Engineering Education: Trends in Students' PerceptionsLindsay, E; Liu, D; Murray, SJ; Lowe, DB; ndergaard, HS; Hadgraft, R
2011-01Scratch that itch to learn: a comparative studyWilley, K; Gardner, AP; Al-Abdeli, YM; Lindsay, E
2011-01System thinking: How universities can boost the retention of a higher proportion of women engineers in the engineering workforceGodfrey, E; Holland, BE; Al-Abdeli, YM; Lindsay, E