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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Comprehensive Access Point Placement for IoT Data Transmission Through Train-Wayside Communications in Multi-Environment Based Rail NetworksSaki, M; Abolhasan, M; Lipman, J; Jamalipour, A
2020A Novel Approach for Big Data Classification and Transportation in Rail NetworksSaki, M; Abolhasan, M; Lipman, J
2022-01-01A Review on Antenna Technologies for Ambient RF Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer: Designs, Challenges and ApplicationsUllah, MA; Keshavarz, R; Abolhasan, M; Lipman, J; Esselle, KP; Shariati, N
2011-12-01Addressing schemes for body area networksMovassaghi, S; Abolhasan, M; Lipman, J
2021-07-01An End-to-End (E2E) Network Slicing Framework for 5G Vehicular Ad-Hoc NetworksKhan, AA; Abolhasan, M; Ni, W; Lipman, J; Jamalipour, A
2019-04-01Anatomy of Threats to the Internet of ThingsMakhdoom, I; Abolhasan, M; Lipman, J; Liu, RP; Ni, W
2019-04-01A big sensor data offloading scheme in rail networksSaki, M; Abolhasan, M; Lipman, J
2006-01Capacity of Single-Radio Ad-hoc Networks for Handling High Bit Rate Real-time Internet ApplicationsAbolhasan, M; Wysocki, T; Franklin, DR; Lipman, J; NA
2019-01-31Crowd Density Mapping Based on Wi-Fi Measurements on Train PlatformsTofigh, F; Mao, G; Lipman, J; Abolhasan, M
2020-01-01Crowd Estimation Using Electromagnetic Wave Power-Level Measurements: A Proof of ConceptTofigh, F; Amiri, M; Shariati, N; Lipman, J; Abolhasan, M
2022-01-01Dynamic Routing Protocol Selection in Multi-hop Device-to-Device Wireless NetworksAbdollahi Lorestani, M; Ashtarinakhaei, S; Abolhasan, M; Shariati, N; Lipman, J; Jamalipour, A; Ni, W
2005-12-01Efficient and highly scalable route discovey for on-demand routing protocols in ad hoc networksAbolhasan, M; Lipman, J
2005-01Efficient and Highly Scalable Route Discovey for On-demand Routing Protocols in Ad hoc NetworksAbolhasan, M; Lipman, J; Abolhasan, M; Lipman, J
2019-04-01Efficient cellular base stations sleep mode control using image matchingAshtari, S; Tofigh, F; Abolhasan, M; Lipman, J; Ni, W
2012-12-01Energy efficient thermal and power aware (ETPA) routing in Body Area NetworksMovassaghi, S; Abolhasan, M; Lipman, J
2020Frost monitoring cyber-physical system: a survey on prediction and active protection methodsZhou, I; Lipman, J; Abolhasan, M; Shariati, N; Lamb, DW
2015-02-01Graph theory and its applications to future network planning: Software-defined online small cell managementNi, W; Collings, I; Lipman, J; Wang, X; Tao, M; Abolhasan, M
2011-07-26Hierarchical collision-free addressing protocol(HCAP) for body area networksMovassaghi, S; Abolhasan, M; Lipman, J
2019-07-01A hybrid-fuzzy logic guided genetic algorithm (H-FLGA) approach for resource optimization in 5G VANETsKhan, AA; Abolhasan, M; Ni, W; Lipman, J; Jamalipour, A
2021-05-10Internet of Things 2.0: Concepts, Applications, and Future DirectionsZhou, I; Makhdoom, I; Shariati, N; Raza, MA; Keshavarz, R; Lipman, J; Abolhasan, M; Jamalipour, A