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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01Addressing the cost barriers to mobile learning in higher educationDyson, LE; Raban, R; Litchfield, AJ; Lawrence, EM
2008-01Embedding M-Learning into Mainstream Educational Practice: Overcoming the Cost BarrierDyson, LE; Raban, R; Litchfield, AJ; Lawrence, EM; Auer, ME; Al-Zoubi, AY
2008-01Engaging professional societies in developing work-ready graduatesNettleton, SC; Litchfield, AJ; Taylor, TL; None known
2010-01Exploring Theories of Learning and Teaching Using Mobile Technologies: Comparisons of Traditional Learning, eLearning and mLearningDyson, LE; Litchfield, AJ; Raban, R; Montebello, M; Camilleri, V; Dingli, A
2011-01Increasing Student Engagement and Performance in Introductory Accounting through Student-Generated ScreencastsWakefield, JA; Frawley, JK; Dyson, LE; Tyler, JV; Litchfield, AJ; None
2008-01Integrating work-ready learning into the curriculum contextualised by professionLitchfield, AJ; Nettleton, SC; Taylor, TL; N/A
2009-01The mPortal: Supporting Collaboration to Develop mLearning Strategies for Educational TransformationDyson, LE; Litchfield, AJ; Metcalf, D; Hamilton, A; Graffeo, C
2006-01Peer assessment in large group projectsRaban, R; Litchfield, AJ; Johnston, I
2009-01Reflections on interactive classroom mLearning and the experiential transactions between students and lecturerDyson, LE; Litchfield, AJ; Raban, R; Tyler, JV; Atkinson, RJ; McBeath, C
2008-01Student Perspectives about Using Mobile Devices in Their StudiesBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Litchfield, AJ; Dyson, LE; Raban, R; Arnedillo Sanchez, I; Isa­as, P
2006-01Supporting peer assessment of individual contributions in groupworkRaban, R; Litchfield, AJ; Markauskaite, L; Goodyear, P; Reiman, P
2009-01Supporting the learning of self and peer assessment in groupwork.Raban, R; Litchfield, AJ; Milton, J; Hall, C; Lang, J; Allan, G; Nomikoudis, M
2009-01The TeCTra online groupwork tool: Scaffolding the learning of self and peer assessmentRaban, R; Litchfield, AJ; Atkinson, RJ; McBeath, C