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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-12-01A 3-dimensional force field method for robot collision avoidance in complex environmentsChotiprayanakul, P; Liu, DK; Wang, D; Dissanayake, G
2007-09-24An algorithm for surface growing from laser scan generated point cloudsPaul, G; Liu, DK; Kirchner, N
2004-12-01Analysis and simulation of clutch engagement judder and stick-slip in automotive power train systemsCrowther, A; Zhang, N; Liu, DK; Jeyakumaran, JK
2006-01-01Ant colony optimization based simultaneous task allocation and path planning of autonomous vehiclesKulatunga, AK; Liu, DK; Dissanayake, G; Siyambalapitiya, SB
2016-01-01An Approach to Base Placement for Effective Collaboration of Multiple Autonomous Industrial RobotsHassan, M; Liu, DK; Paul, G; Huang, SH
2007-12-01Classification of EEG signals using a genetic-based machine learning classifierSkinner, BT; Nguyen, HT; Liu, DK
2004-03-05Combinatorial optimal design of number and positions of actuators in actively controlled structures using genetic algorithmsLi, QS; Liu, DK; Tang, J; Zhang, N; Tam, CM
2012-12-01A cooperative approach to the design of an Operator Control Unit for a semi-autonomous grit-blasting robotLie, S; Liu, DK; Bongers, B
2007-12-01Distributed classifier migration in XCS for classification of electroencephalographic signalsSkinner, BT; Nguyen, HT; Liu, DK
2007-09-24Distributed simultaneous task allocation and motion coordination of autonomous vehicles using a parallel computing clusterKulatunga, AK; Skinner, BT; Liu, DK; Nguyen, HT
2005-02-07Dynamic model of the grinding processZhang, N; Kirpitchenko, I; Liu, DK
2007-09-24An efficient method for collision detection and distance queries in a robotic bridge maintenance systemXu, J; Liu, DK; Fang, G
2007-12-01Efficient particle swarm optimization: A termination condition based on the decision-making approachKwok, NM; Ha, QP; Liu, DK; Fang, G; Tan, KC
2006-01-01An empirical study on the settings of control coefficients in Particle Swarm OptimizationKwok, NM; Liu, DK; Tan, KC; Ha, QP
2007-12-18An enhanced particle swarm optimization algorithm for multi-modal functionsKwok, NM; Fang, G; Ha, QR; Liu, DK
2008-01-01Establishment reality vs Maintenance Reality: How real is real enough?Lindsay, ED; Murray, S; Liu, DK; Lowe, DB; Bright, CG
2009-08-10Establishment reality vs. maintenance reality: How real is real enough?Lindsay, ED; Murray, S; Liu, DK; Lowe, DB; Bright, CG
2006-12-01Evolutionary computing based mobile robot localizationKwok, NM; Liu, DK; Dissanayake, G
2003-10-01Failure probability prediction of concrete componentsLi, QS; Fang, JQ; Liu, DK; Tang, J
2003-09-09A finite element method for the dynamic analysis of automatic transmission gear shifting with a four-degree-of-freedom planetary gearset elementZhang, N; Crowther, A; Liu, DK; Jeyakumaran, J