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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04-01A Radiative Transfer Model for Patchy Landscapes Based on Stochastic Radiative Transfer TheoryZeng Y; Li J; Liu Q; Huete AR; Xu B; Yin G; Fan W; Ouyang Y; Yan K; Hao D; Chen M
2020-08-28A rational synthesis of single-atom iron-nitrogen electrocatalysts for highly efficient oxygen reduction reactionHuo J; Lu L; Shen Z; Liu Y; Guo J; Liu Q; Wang Y; Liu H; Wu M; Wang G
2020-01-01Answer Keyword Generation for Community Question Answering by Multi-aspect Gamma-Poisson Matrix CompletionLiu Q; Do TDT; Cao L
2020-10-01Characteristic analysis and direct measurement for air gap magnetic field of external rotor permanent magnet synchronous motors in electric vehiclesMa C; Zhou S; Yang N; Degano M; Gerada C; Fang J; Liu Q
2020-07-01Cognitive aspects-based short text representation with named entity, concept and knowledgeHou W; Liu Q; Cao L
2020-01-01Contour-Maintaining-Based Image Adaption for an Efficient Ambulance Service in Intelligent Transportation SystemsLiu Q; Kang B; Yu K; Qi X; Li J; Wang S; Li HA
2020-06Deep-Eutectic-Solvent-Based Self-Healing Polymer Electrolyte for Safe and Long-Life Lithium-Metal Batteries.Jaumaux P; Liu Q; Zhou D; Xu X; Wang T; Wang Y; Kang F; Li B; Wang G
2020-06-02Deep‐Eutectic‐Solvent‐Based Self‐Healing Polymer Electrolyte for Safe and Long‐Life Lithium‐Metal BatteriesJaumaux P; Liu Q; Zhou D; Xu X; Wang T; Wang Y; Kang F; Li B; Wang G
2020-01-01Nitrogen-doped Carbon Nanospheres-Modified Graphitic Carbon Nitride with Outstanding Photocatalytic ActivityLiu Q; Tian H; Dai Z; Sun H; Liu J; Ao Z; Wang S; Han C; Liu S
2020-04-09Quasi-Solid-State Dual-Ion Sodium Metal Batteries for Low-Cost Energy StorageXu X; Lin K; Zhou D; Liu Q; Qin X; Wang S; He S; Kang F; Li B; Wang G
2020Safe LAGP-based all solid-state Li metal batteries with plastic super-conductive interlayer enabled by in-situ solidificationLiu Q; Yu Q; Li S; Wang S; Zhang LH; Cai B; Zhou D; Li B
2020-05-08Self-Healing Janus Interfaces for High-Performance LAGP-Based Lithium Metal BatteriesLiu Q; Zhou D; Shanmukaraj D; Li P; Kang F; Li B; Armand M; Wang G