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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01Actual Bodies are Ageing BodiesRobertson, TJ; Loke, L; Robertson, T
2013-01Ageing bodies and the space they call homeDurick, JI; Loke, L; Robertson, T
2012-01Bodily experience and imagination: Designing ritual interactions for participatory live-art contextsLoke, L; Khut, PG; Kocaballi, AB; NA
2006-01Bystander: a responsive, immersive 'spirit world' environment for multiple usersRichards, K; Gibson, RJ; Loke, L
2016-01-01Choreographic inscriptions: A framework for exploring sociomaterial influences on qualities of movement for HCILoke, L; Kocaballi, AB
2020-02-06Creative coding and interaction design for media multiplicities: Challenges, paradigms and frameworksBown, O; Fraietta, A; Ferguson, S; Loke, L
2009-04Design representations of moving bodies for interactive, motion-sensing spacesLoke, L; Robertson, T
2005-01Designing a movement-based interactive experience using empirically derived personas and scenariosKan, MM; Robertson, TJ; Muller, E; Sadler, KA; Larssen, A; Robertson, T; Brereton, M; Loke, L; Edwards, J
2006-01Designing an immersive environment for public useRobertson, TJ; Mansfield, T; Loke, L; Wagner, I; Blomberg, J; Jacucci, G; Kensing, F
2011-01Designing for Conversational Interaction with Interactive Dance WorksJohnston, AJ; CLARKSON, D; Loke, L; Robertson, T
2009-12-01Designing situationsRobertson, T; Loke, L
2015-08-14Distributed Interactive Audio Devices: Creative strategies and audience responses to novel musical interaction scenariosBown, O; Loke, L; Ferguson, SJ; Reinhardt, D; Schiphorst, T; Pasquier, P
2018-12-04Exploring video annotation as a tool to support dance teachingDias Pereira Dos, A; Loke, L; Martinez-Maldonado, R
2019-06-03Facilitating Creative Exploratory Search with Multiple Networked Audio Devices Using HappyBracketsBown, O; Ferguson, S; Bray, L; Fraietta, A; Loke, L
2014Interactive Rehabilitation TilesBongers, AJ; Smith, S; Donker, V; Pickrell, M; Bakker, S; Loke, L; De Luca, A
2014Intimate Aesthetics and Facilitated InteractionLoke, L; Khut, GP; Candy, L; Ferguson, S
2008-12-01Inventing and devising movement in the design of movement-based interactive systemsLoke, L; Robertson, T
2005-01labanotation for design of movement-based interactionLoke, L; Larssen, AT; Robertson, TJ; Pisan, Y
2011-12-01The lived body in design: Mapping the terrainLoke, L; Robertson, T
2007-01Making Strange with the Falling Body in Interactive Technology DesignLoke, L; Robertson, TJ; Feijs, L; Kyffin, S; Young, B