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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-01Architecture and the Urban as a Metaphor of Governance: Paolo Paruta and the Spatiality of Venice in the Late Sixteenth CenturyLuscombe, DO; Bartsch, K; Loo, S
2007-01An Exhibit Calculated to Elevate and Ennoble: Celebration and suppression of natural landscape in nineteenth-century urban visions of SydneyOrr, K; Loo, S; Bartsch, K
2012-01Gesamtkunstwerk or Multimedial Distraction: Moholy-Nagy's and Dorner's Collaboration on the 'Room of the Present'Loschke, S; King, S; Chatterjee, A; Loo, S
2012-01'The old bark school is gone ... There's a brick school on the flat': Reflections on the Fitness for Purpose of William E. Kemp's School BuildingsOrr, K; King, S; Chatterjee, A; Loo, S
2007-10-15T01:11:23ZThe Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference of the Association of Architecture Schools of AustralasiaAhlquist, S; Wilkins, H; Leibowitz, V; Spurr, S; Lahoud, A; Tucker, C; Chapman, M; Barber, D; Keefer Bell, E; Lowe, R; Hill, G; Gu, N; Gardiner, B; Moulis, A; Ednie-Brown, P; Holzer, D; Austin, M; Musgrave, E; Maher, ML; Raisbeck, P; Smith, W; Pickersgill, S; Hogben, P; Ostwald, M; McCarthy, C; Moloney, J; Bharat, D; Orr, K; Loo, S; Smith, C; Stead, N; Goad, P; Lewi, H; Abel, C; Andresen, B; Frichot, H; Perin, G; Tombesi, P; Reinhardt, D; Scriver, P; Pelosi, A; More, G; Burns, K; Shotton, E; Frumar, J; Kaji-O'Grady, S; Taylor, WM; Orr, Kirsten.; Kaji-O'Grady, Sandra.
2007-01A Reassessment of Kahn's LegacyBurgess, PG; Loo, S; Bartsch, K
2012-01Rietveld's Axonometric Illustrations and the Problems of HistoryLuscombe, DO; King, S; Chatterjee, A; Loo, S
2007-01The Scopic Regime of the Digital:The New Instrumentality of PerspectivePerin, GJ; Loo, S; Bartsch, K
2007-01Tourist Snapshot: The Mediating Gaze of the Sydney Opera HouseGarduno Freeman, C; Loo, S; Bartsch, K