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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-01A Disturbance Rejection-Based Control Strategy for Five-Level T-Type Hybrid Power Converters with Ripple Voltage Estimation CapabilityKhan, SA; Guo, Y; Siwakoti, YP; Lu, DDC; Zhu, J
2021-01-01A MOSFET SPICE Model with Integrated Electro-Thermal Averaged Modeling, Aging, and Lifetime EstimationCheng, T; Lu, DDC; Siwakoti, YP
2022-07-01A Nonisolated Three-Port DC-DC Converter With Two Bidirectional Ports and Fewer ComponentsAljarajreh, H; Lu, DDC; Siwakoti, YP; Tse, CK
2021-09-01A Novel Generalized Common-Ground Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Suitable for Transformerless Grid-Connected ApplicationsBarzegarkhoo, R; Lee, SS; Khan, SA; Siwakoti, Y; Lu, DDC
2020-12-01A Reconfigurable Three-Port DC-DC Converter for Integrated PV-Battery SystemAl-Soeidat, MR; Aljarajreh, H; Khawaldeh, HA; Lu, DDC; Zhu, J
2022-09-01A Single-Source Single-Stage Switched-Boost Multilevel Inverter: Operation, Topological Extensions, and Experimental ValidationFarhangi, M; Barzegarkhoo, R; Aguilera, RP; Lee, SS; Lu, DDC; Siwakoti, YP
2023-03-01A Surface Temperature Estimation Method for Lithium-Ion Battery Using Enhanced GRU-RNNYao, Q; Lu, DDC; Lei, G
2021-02-02Accurate online battery impedance measurement method with low output voltage ripples on power convertersYao, Q; Lu, DDC; Lei, G
2014-01-01An active damping method for stabilization of cascaded connected two stage converter systems with constant power loads in DC microgridsWu, M; Lu, DDC
2015-01-01Adaptive sliding mode control method for DC-DC convertersShen, L; Lu, DDC; Li, C
2014-01-01Adding virtual resistance in source side converters for stabilization of cascaded connected two stage converter systems with constant power loads in DC microgridsWu, M; Lu, DDC
2021-01-01An Enhanced Frequency-Fixed All-Pass Filter PLL for Single-Phase ApplicationGautam, S; Lu, Y; Lu, DDC; Xiao, W; Hasan, SU
2019-04-01An Analog BJT-Tuned Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique for PV SystemsAl-Soeidat, M; Lu, DDC; Zhu, J
2011-11-01An analog computer for electronic engineering educationFitch, AL; Iu, HHC; Lu, DDC
2019-07-10Analysis and experimental verification of a single-switch high-voltage gain ZCS DC–DC converterHassan, W; Lu, DDC; Xiao, W
2015-11-10Analysis of a three-port DC-DC converter for PV-battery system using DISO boost and SISO buck convertersCheng, T; Lu, DDC; Gong, A; Verstraete, D
2019-02-01Analysis, design, and experimental verification of high step-up DC-DC converter to interface renewable energy sources into dc nanogridHassan, W; Gautum, S; Lu, DDC; Xiao, W
2011-09-01Battery-integrated boost converter utilizing distributed MPPT configuration for photovoltaic systemsDu, Y; Lu, DDC
2017-10-02Bi-directional converter for interfacing appliances with HFAC enabled power distribution systems in critical applicationsFernando, WA; Lu, DDC
2019-08-01A Bidirectional Two-Switch Flyback Converter with Cross-Coupled LCD Snubbers for Minimizing Circulating CurrentMukhtar, NM; Lu, DDC