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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-08-29Advance of tree-flowering dates in response to urban climate changeLu, P; Yu, Q; Liu, J; Lee, X
2012-01Case-Base Maintenance for Concept DriftLu, P; Lu, J; Zhang, G; WASET
2016-01-01Chinese herbal medicine for symptom management in cancer palliative care systematic review and meta-analysisChung, VCH; Wu, X; Lu, P; Hui, EP; Zhang, Y; Zhang, AL; Lau, AYL; Zhao, J; Fan, M; Ziea, ETC; Ng, BFL; Wong, SYS; Wu, JCY
2019-05-01Effect of slag on the mechanical properties and bond strength of fly ash-based engineered geopolymer compositesLing, Y; Wang, K; Li, W; Shi, G; Lu, P
2004-01Evapotranspiration components from energy balance, sapflow and microlysimetry techniques from an irrigated vineyard in inland AustraliaYunusa, IA; Walker, RR; Lu, P
2019-04-01Growth kinetics of Candidatus ‘Methanoperedens nitroreducens’ enriched in a laboratory reactorLu, P; Liu, T; Ni, BJ; Guo, J; Yuan, Z; Hu, S
2005-01-01Matching irrigation to vine water-requirements: Limitations of using sap-flow technology for scheduling irrigationYunusa, IAM; Lu, P; Eamus, D; Walker, RR
2018-02-21Profit-Aware Distributed Online Scheduling for Data-Oriented Tasks in Cloud DatacentersLu, W; Lu, P; Sun, Q; Yu, S; Zhu, Z
2003-01Regulation of canopy conductance and transpiration and their modelling in irrigated grapevinesLu, P; Yunusa, IA; Walker, RR; Muller, WJ
2008-01-01A simple field validation of daily transpiration derived from sapflow using a porometer and minimal meteorological dataYunusa, IAM; Nuberg, IK; Fuentes, S; Lu, P; Eamus, D