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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Context-Aware Artefacts: Current State and Open Questions from an IS PerspectiveLueg, CP; Unknown
Jan-2001Corporate Communications and the rise of the Network SocietyLueg, CP
Jan-2001A distributed cognition approach to integrate security management and business processesLueg, CP; Stoney, S; Burn, J
2005Enabling Dissemination of Meta information in the Usenet FrameworkLueg, CP
Jan-2001Information Dissemination in virtual communities as challenge to real world companiesLueg, CP; Schmid, B; Stanoevska-Slabeva, K; Tschammer, V
Jan-2001Information Knowledge and Networked MindsLueg, CP
Jan-2001Information Systems, Information sharing and Communities of PracticeLueg, CP; Riedl, R; Kim, J; Lee, JK; Suh, KS; Lee, H; Lee, HG
Jan-2001Learning HCI in the Lost WorldRobertson, TJ; Lueg, CP; Brookes, WC; Smith, W; Thomas, R; Apperley, M
Jan-2003OAsIS: Online Activities Information Systems Supporting Information-Oriented Security ManagementLueg, CP; Knight, S; Croft, L; Lachowicz, E
Jan-2001On context-aware artifacts and socially responsible designLueg, CP; Hutchinson, W; Warren, M; Burn, J
Jan-2002Online Gap Between Vision and FeasibilityLueg, CP; Mattern, F; Naghshineh, M
Jan-2002Operationalizing Context in Context-Aware Artifacts: Benefits and PitfallsLueg, CP
Jan-2003Spam and Anti-Spam Measures: A Look at Potential ImpactsLueg, CP; Cohen, E; Boyd, E
Jan-2001Towards a framework for analyzing information - level online activitiesLueg, CP; Hutchinson, W; Warren, M; Burn, J
Jan-2002Using Information Systems for enabling corporate awarenessLueg, CP; Wenn, A; McGrath, M; Burstein, F
Jan-2001Virtual Communities as challenges to real companiesLueg, CP; Kim, J; Lee, JK; Suh, KS; Lee, H; Lee, HG