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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010Age discrimination in turbulent timesThornton, M; Luker, T
2019The Court as ArchiveGenovese, A; Luker, T; Rubenstein, K; Genovese, A; Luker, T; Rubenstein, K
1-Oct-2013Decision making conditioned by radical uncertainty: Credibility assessment at the Australian refugee review tribunalLuker, T
3-Apr-2017Decolonising Archives: Indigenous Challenges to Record Keeping in ‘Reconciling’ Settler Colonial StatesLuker, T
1-Jan-2014The Economic Value of Human Relationships: Cattanach v Melchior RevisitedKarpin, IA; Douglas, H; Bartlett, F; Luker, T; Hunter, R
2-Jan-2014Evidence and the Archive: Ethics, Aesthetics, and EmotionBiber, K; Luker, T
Jan-2008Ineffaceable Memories: The Truth of TestimonyLuker, T
Jan-2010The New Racism in Employment Discrimination: Tales from the Global EconomyThornton, M; Luker, T
31-Jul-2015Performance anxieties: Interpellation of the refugee subject in lawLuker, T
2016Reading the Archive: Historians as Expert WitnessesLuker, T
1-Jan-2009Reading the evidentiary void: The body at the scene of writingLuker, T
2014Reflections on Rewriting the LawLuker, T; Douglas, H; Bartlett, F; Hunter, R; Douglas, H; Bartlett, F; Luker, T; Hunter, R
Jan-2010The Sex Discrimination Act and Its Rocky Rite of PassageThornton, M; Luker, T; Margaret Thornton
Jan-2009The Spectral Ground: Religious Belief DiscriminationThornton, M; Luker, T
Jan-2009The Wages of Sin: Compensation for Indigenous WorkersThornton, M; Luker, T
Jan-2008Witnessing Whiteness: Law and Narrative KnowledgeLuker, T