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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-15Critical Care Guidance for Tracheostomy Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Global, Multidisciplinary Approach.Pandian, V; Morris, LL; Brodsky, MB; Lynch, J; Walsh, B; Rushton, C; Phillips, J; Rahman, A; DeRose, T; Lambe, L; Lami, L; Man Wu, SP; Garza, FP; Maiani, S; Zavalis, A; Okusanya, KA; Palmieri, PA; McGrath, BA; Pelosi, P; Sole, ML; Davidson, P; Brenner, MJ
2016-02-13Effects of parent and child behaviours on overweight and obesity in infants and young children from disadvantaged backgrounds: Systematic review with narrative synthesis Energy balance-related behaviorsRussell, CG; Taki, S; Laws, R; Azadi, L; Campbell, KJ; Elliott, R; Lynch, J; Ball, K; Taylor, R; Denney-Wilson, E
2014-08-01The impact of interventions to prevent obesity or improve obesity related behaviours in children (0-5 years) from socioeconomically disadvantaged and/or indigenous families: A systematic reviewLaws, R; Campbell, KJ; Van Der Pligt, P; Russell, G; Ball, K; Lynch, J; Crawford, D; Taylor, R; Askew, D; Denney-Wilson, E
2012-02-01Implementing patient question-prompt lists into routine cancer careDimoska, A; Butow, PN; Lynch, J; Hovey, E; Agar, M; Beale, P; Tattersall, MHN
2022-01-01LEARNING TO PRACTICE CREATIVELY: Emergent techniques in the climate emergencyLewis, A; Ware, SA; Bryant, M; Lynch, J; Allan, P; Simon, K
2021-11-03Multiplexed immunofluorescence identifies high stromal CD68+PD-L1+ macrophages as a predictor of improved survival in triple negative breast cancer.Wang, J; Browne, L; Slapetova, I; Shang, F; Lee, K; Lynch, J; Beretov, J; Whan, R; Graham, PH; Millar, EKA
2015-05-08Obesity prevention in early life: An opportunity to better support the role of Maternal and Child Health Nurses in AustraliaLaws, R; Campbell, KJ; Pligt, P; Ball, K; Lynch, J; Russell, G; Taylor, R; Denney-Wilson, E
2015-01-01Preventing obesity in infants: The Growing healthy feasibility trial protocolDenney-Wilson, E; Laws, R; Russell, CG; Ong, KL; Taki, S; Elliot, R; Azadi, L; Lymer, S; Taylor, R; Lynch, J; Crawford, D; Ball, K; Askew, D; Litterbach, EK; Campbell, KJ