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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A diverse economies approach for promoting peace and justice in volunteer tourismEveringham, P; Young, TN; Wearing, SL; Lyons, K
2008-02-25All for a good cause? The blurred boundaries of volunteering and tourismLyons, K; Wearing, S
2006-01-01Buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare) land conversion and productivity in the plains of Sonora, MexicoFranklin, KA; Lyons, K; Nagler, PL; Lampkin, D; Glenn, EP; Molina-Freaner, F; Markow, T; Huete, AR
2008The corner of your eye ; and, Beyond the bush : mythology of place in Australian literatureLyons, K
2017-01-27Cultural and environmental awareness through sustainable tourism education: Exploring the role of onsite community tourism-based Work-Integrated Learning projectsWearing, S; Tarrant, MA; Schweinsberg, S; Lyons, K
2014A Discussion of Coal Seam Gas in Australia’s Hunter Valley Wine Tourism RegionWearing; Schweinsberg, SC; Lai, P; Lyons, K
2015Exploring the global in student assessment and feedback for sustainable tourism educationWearing; Tarrant, M; Schweinsberg, SC; Lyons, K; Stone, K; Moscardo, G; Benckendorff, P
2011-01Gap year Travel Alternatives: Gen-Y, Volunteer Tourism and Global CitizenshipLyons, K; Wearing, SL; Smith, KA; Yeoman, I; Hsu, C; Watson, S
2012-01-01Gap year volunteer tourism. Myths of Global Citizenship?Lyons, K; Hanley, J; Wearing, S; Neil, J
2014-04-01Global citizenry, educational travel and sustainable tourism: evidence from Australia and New ZealandTarrant, MA; Lyons, K; Stoner, L; Kyle, GT; Wearing, S; Poudyal, N
2014-01-01Global Citizenship as a Learning Outcome of Educational TravelStoner, KR; Tarrant, MA; Perry, L; Stoner, L; Wearing, S; Lyons, K
2009-01-01Introduction to the special issue on volunteer tourismLyons, K; Wearing, S; Benson, A
2017-04-03A rite of passage? Exploring youth transformation and global citizenry in the study abroad experienceGrabowski, S; Wearing, S; Lyons, K; Tarrant, M; Landon, A
2017-12-20A semiparametric joint model for terminal trend of quality of life and survival in palliative care researchLi, Z; Frost, HR; Tosteson, TD; Zhao, L; Liu, L; Lyons, K; Chen, H; Cole, B; Currow, D; Bakitas, M
2019-05-03Using Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility as a Transition to Shared Value for the Sharing Economy (SE)Wearing, S; Lyons, K; Schweinsberg, S
2010-01Volunteer tourismWearing, SL; Lyons, K; Evas, SL; Liburd, JJ; Edwards, D
2008-02-25The volunteer's journey through leisure into the selfWearing, S; DeVille, A; Lyons, K