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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993-08Australia's Nonprofit Sector 2nd EditionLyons, M
2011Australia: A continuing love affair with the new public managementLyons, M; Dalton, B; Phillips, S; Smith, SR
2012-01-01Australia: A continuing love affair with the new public managementLyons, M; Dalton, B
2010-01Closing the Evidence GapBehrendt, LY; Davis, M; Lyons, M
1992-12Data Sources for Research on Private Not-for-Profit Organisations in AustraliaLyons, M; Pocklington, J
2009-06-15Demonstrating Value and Impact in the Social EconomyLyons, M
2009-06-15Demonstrating Value and Impact in the Social Economy Question and Answer SessionKernot, C; Zappala, G; Gordon, J; Green, R; Canning, K; Robbie, K; Davis, K; Darlison, L; Grant, J; Lyons, M; McConville, K
2021Earth Observation: Data, Processing and Applications. Volume 3A: Applications—Terrestrial VegetationHarrison, BA; Gibson, R; Bastin, G; Thackway, R; Huete, A; Donald, G; Lyons, M; Sparks, T; Byrne, G; Lewis, MM; Xie, Q
2013-08-05The Genesis of an Innovative ProgrammeLyons, M; Onyx, J
1990-12Government and the nonprofit sector in Australia: an overviewLyons, M
1992-07The History of Non-Profit Organisations in Australia as a Test of some Recent Non-Profit TheoryLyons, M
2006-01Hyper-shaku [Border-crossing]: Towards the multi-modal gesture-controlled hyper-instrumentBeilharz, KA; Jakovich, J; Ferguson, S; Schnell, N; Bevilacqua, F; Lyons, M; Tanaka, A
1992-12Managing Large Community Organisations: The Approaches of sixteen Chief Executive OfficersLyons, M
2013-08-05Private and public support for community organizations; some comparative data and policy issuesLyons, M
1993-09Private donations and Australia's welfare stateLyons, M
1991-07The privatisation of human services in Australia: Myth and realityLyons, M
1992-12The Stealthy Introduction of Vouchers into Australia's Community ServicesLyons, M
1993-09The structure and dimensions of Australia's community services industryLyons, M