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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A (meta)governance framework for multi-level governance of inter-organizational project networksMüller, R; Alix-Séguin, C; Alonderienė, R; Bourgault, M; Chmieliauskas, A; Drouin, N; Ke, Y; Minelgaite, I; Pilkienė, M; Šimkonis, S; Unterhitzenberger, C; Vaagaasar, AL; Wang, L; Zhu, F
2023-09-15A look aheadMüller, R; Sankaran, S; Drouin, N
2023-03-01A Manifesto for project management researchLocatelli, G; Ika, L; Drouin, N; Müller, R; Huemann, M; Söderlund, J; Geraldi, J; Clegg, S
2023A Multilevel Governance Model for Interorganizational Project NetworksUnterhitzenberger, C; Müller, R; Vaagaasar, AL; Ke, Y; Alonderiene, R; Minelgaite, I; Pilkiene, M; Wang, L; Zhu, F; Drouin, N; Chmieliauskas, A; Simkonis, S; Mongeon, M
2021Balanced Leadership Making the Best Use of Personal and Team Leadership in ProjectsMüller, R; Drouin, N; Sankaran, S
2017-01-01Balanced leadership: A new perspective for leadership in organizational project managementMüller, R; Packendorff, J; Sankaran, S
2021-12-01Balancing leadership in projects: Role of the socio-cognitive spaceDrouin, N; Müller, R; Sankaran, S; Vaagaasar, A-L
2018-07-03Balancing vertical and horizontal leadership in projects: Empirical studies from Australia, Canada, Norway and SwedenDrouin, N; Müller, R; Sankaran, S
2017Cambridge Handbook of Organizational Project ManagementSankaran, S; Müller, R; Drouin, N
2023-12-01Climbing to the top: Personal life stories on becoming megaproject leadersMarrewijk, AV; Sankaran, S; Drouin, N; Müller, R
2013-01Designing Research to Understand KnowledgeAlgeo, CT; Müller, R; Söderlund, J
2019-08-25Developing actionable knowledge and leadership theory in project management through a collaborative research projectSankaran, S; Müller, R; Drouin, N; Antonio, N
2022-05-10Energy justice issues in renewable energy megaprojects: implications for a socioeconomic evaluation of megaprojectsSankaran, S; Clegg, S; Müller, R; Drouin, N
2017Exploring vertical and horizontal leadership in projects: A comparison of Indian and Australian contextsAgarwal, UA; Dixit, V; Jain, K; Sankaran, S; Nikolova, N; Müller, R; Drouin, N; Ayer, KC; Deshmukh, SG; Sawhney, A; Saha, R; Singh, SP
2017Governance at the Front-EndSankaran, S; Biesenthal, C; Müller, R
2023-09-15Introduction to the research handbook on the governance of projectsMüller, R; Sankaran, S; Drouin, N
2019A Model for Organizational Project Management and its ValidationSankaran, S; Müller, R; Drouin, N
2019-08-01Modeling Organizational Project ManagementMüller, R; Drouin, N; Sankaran, S
2017-01-01The nature of organizational project management through the lens of integrationDrouin, N; Müller, R; Sankaran, S
2019Organizational Project Management: Theory and ImplementationMüller, R; Drouin, N; Sankaran, S