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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09-12A Bayesian Network-based customer satisfaction model: a tool for management decisions in railway transportChakraborty, S; Mengersen, K; Fidge, C; Ma, L; Lassen, D
2022-06-01Australian innovation: Patent database construction and first evidenceBedford, A; Ma, L; Ma, N; Vojvoda, K
2018-01-19A bioinformatics potpourriSchönbach, C; Li, J; Ma, L; Horton, P; Sjaugi, MF; Ranganathan, S
2016-07-01Breakaway oxidation behaviour of ferritic stainless steels at 1150 °C in humid airCheng, X; Jiang, Z; Monaghan, BJ; Wei, D; Longbottom, RJ; Zhao, J; Peng, J; Luo, M; Ma, L; Luo, S; Jiang, L
2020-02-01Cause analysis for a new type of devastating flash floodHou, J; Li, B; Tong, Y; Ma, L; Ball, J; Luo, H; Liang, Q; Xia, J
2005-01City-space: scale relations and China's spatial administrative hierarchyCartier, C; Ma, L; Wu, F
2018-05-28CoBOT: Static C/C++ bug detection in the presence of incomplete codeGao, Q; Ma, S; Shao, S; Sui, Y; Zhao, G; Ma, L; Ma, X; Duan, F; Deng, X; Zhang, S; Chen, X
2020-01-01DAPS: A Decentralized Anonymous Payment Scheme with SupervisionWang, Z; Pei, Q; Liui, X; Ma, L; Li, H; Yu, S
2015-09-03Effect of Extreme Pressure Additives on the Deformation Behavior of Oxide Scale during the Hot Rolling of Ferritic Stainless Steel StripsHao, L; Jiang, Z; Cheng, X; Zhao, J; Wei, D; Jiang, L; Luo, S; Luo, M; Ma, L
2015-01-01Effect of extreme pressure agents on the anti-scratch behaviour of high-speed steel materialHao, L; Jiang, Z; Wei, D; Zhao, Y; Zhao, J; Luo, M; Ma, L; Luo, S; Jiang, L
2008-01Effects of cover crop on the nitrate leaching in subsurface drainage predicted by RZWQM-DSSAT hybrid modelLi, L; Malone, RW; Ma, L; Kaspar, TC; Jaynes, DB; Saseendran, SA; Thorp, KR; Yu, Q; Ahuja, LR
2007-09-01Energy balance simulation of a wheat canopy using the RZ-SHAW (RZWQM-SHAW) modelYu, Q; Flerchinger, GN; Xu, S; Kozak, J; Ma, L; Ahuja, L
2010-08-01Evaluating the Crop Water Stress Index and its correlation with latent heat and CO<inf>2</inf> fluxes over winter wheat and maize in the North China plainLi, L; Nielsen, DC; Yu, Q; Ma, L; Ahuja, LR
2021-06-01Evaluation of APEX modifications to simulate forage production for grazing management decision-support in the Western US Great PlainsCheng, G; Harmel, RD; Ma, L; Derner, JD; Augustine, DJ; Bartling, PNS; Fang, QX; Williams, JR; Zilverberg, CJ; Boone, RB; Hoover, D; Yu, Q
2021-01Future profitability and stock returns of innovative firms in AustraliaBedford, A; Ma, L; Ma, N; Vojvoda, K
2021-01-22Future profitability and stock returns of innovative firms: a pitchBedford, A; Ma, L; Ma, N; Vojvoda, K
2016-03-01High Temperature Oxidation of Indefinite Chill Roll Material under Dry and Humid AtmospheresHao, L; Jiang, Z; Chen, Z; Wei, D; Cheng, X; Zhao, J; Luo, M; Ma, L; Luo, S; Jiang, L
2019-01-01A holistic review of public-private partnership literature published between 2008 and 2018Ma, L; Li, J; Jin, R; Ke, Y; Yuan, J
2018-08-01Hydroxyl-functional groups on graphene trigger the targeted delivery of antitumor drugsLin, M; Shan, S; Liu, P; Ma, L; Huang, L; Yang, M; Lawson, T; Wang, Z; Huang, Z; Shi, B; Yan, L; Liu, Y
2018-06-01Inference-in-residuals as an Estimation Method for Earnings ManagementChristodoulou, D; Ma, L; Vasnev, A