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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-04-02Clinical effects of Xinmailong therapy in patients with chronic heart failureMa, Q; Luo, Y; Guo, P; Gao, G; Yang, M; Sablok, G; Zhang, Y; Zhou, F
2010-12-01Control strategies of variable-speed wind system under new grid code requirement- A surveyHu, J; Zhu, J; Dorrell, DG; Ma, Q; Zhang, Y; Xu, W
2018-08-08Internal Nanostructure Diagnosis with Hyperbolic Phonon Polaritons in Hexagonal Boron NitrideDai, S; Tymchenko, M; Xu, ZQ; Tran, TT; Yang, Y; Ma, Q; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Jarillo-Herrero, P; Aharonovich, I; Basov, DN; Tao, TH; Alù, A
2020-10Looking ahead: Joint small group detection and tracking in crowd scenesMa, Q; Zou, Q; Wang, N; Guan, Q; Pei, Y
2021-02-01Performance evaluation and correction of precipitation data using the 20-year IMERG and TMPA precipitation products in diverse subregions of ChinaMa, Q; Li, Y; Feng, H; Yu, Q; Zou, Y; Liu, F; Pulatov, B
2011-11-28Predictive direct control of doubly fed induction generator for grid synchronization in wind power generationHu, J; Zhu, J; Zhang, Y; Platt, G; Dorrell, DG; Ma, Q
2013-01-11Predictive direct virtual torque and power control of doubly fed induction generators for fast and smooth grid synchronization and flexible power regulationHu, J; Zhu, J; Zhang, Y; Platt, G; Ma, Q; Dorrell, DG
2011-09-14Simple and robust predictive direct control of DFIG with low constant switching frequency and reduced torque and flux ripplesHu, J; Zhu, J; Zhang, Y; Ma, Q; Guo, Y
2017-09-14The Effect of Stoichiometry on the Stability of Inorganic Cesium Lead Mixed-Halide Perovskites Solar CellsMa, Q; Huang, S; Chen, S; Zhang, M; Lau, CFJ; Lockrey, MN; Mulmudi, HK; Shan, Y; Yao, J; Zheng, J; Deng, X; Catchpole, K; Green, MA; Ho-Baillie, AWY
2016-01-01When Will You Have a New Mobile Phone? An Empirical Answer from Big DataMa, Q; Zhang, S; Zhou, W; Yu, S; Wang, C