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2022-01-01Assessment of Omecamtiv Mecarbil for the Treatment of Patients With Severe Heart Failure: A Post Hoc Analysis of Data From the GALACTIC-HF Randomized Clinical Trial.Felker, GM; Solomon, SD; Claggett, B; Diaz, R; McMurray, JJV; Metra, M; Anand, I; Crespo-Leiro, MG; Dahlström, U; Goncalvesova, E; Howlett, JG; MacDonald, P; Parkhomenko, A; Tomcsányi, J; Abbasi, SA; Heitner, SB; Hucko, T; Kupfer, S; Malik, FI; Teerlink, JR
2021-04-01Baseline Gas Transfer (KCO) and Accessible Alveolar Volume (VA) after Lung Transplant: Determinants and Relative Contributions on Graft SurvivalDarley, DR; Malouf, MA; MacDonald, P; Plit, M
2020-09-27Clinical characteristics and prognosis of cardiac amyloidosis defined by mass spectrometry-based proteomics in an Australian cohort.Withers, B; McCaughan, G; Hayward, C; Kotlyar, E; Jabbour, A; Rainer, S; De Angelis, E; Horvath, N; Milliken, S; Dogan, A; MacDonald, P; Moore, J
2007-01-01Cultural diversity in heart failure management: Findings from the DISCOVER study (part 2)Davidson, PM; MacDonald, P; Moser, DK; Ang, E; Paull, G; Choucair, S; Daly, J; Gholizadeh, L; Dracup, K
2018-01-01Frailty Predicts Mortality After Heart TransplantationOffen, S; Jha, S; Connellan, M; Dhital, K; Granger, E; Harkness, M; Hayward, C; Jabbour, A; Jansz, P; Kotlyar, E; Montgomery, E; Muthiah, K; Spratt, P; MacDonald, P
2012-10-02Impact of home versus clinic-based management of chronic heart failure: The WHICH? (Which heart failure intervention is most cost-effective & consumer friendly in reducing hospital care) multicenter, randomized trialStewart, S; Carrington, MJ; Marwick, TH; Davidson, PM; MacDonald, P; Horowitz, JD; Krum, H; Newton, PJ; Reid, C; Chan, YK; Scuffham, PA
2018-07-01Pulmonary hypertension in interstitial lung disease: Limitations of echocardiography compared to cardiac catheterizationKeir, GJ; Wort, SJ; Kokosi, M; George, PM; Walsh, SLF; Jacob, J; Price, L; Bax, S; Renzoni, EA; Maher, TM; MacDonald, P; Hansell, DM; Wells, AU
2021-04-01Release the Pressure! Does Jugular Venous Pressure Predict Rejection in Cardiac Biopsy?Deveza e Silva, RCC; Schnegg, B; Gorrie, N; Koppe, F; Lee, I; Hayward, C; MacDonald, P
2021-12Swallowing and laryngeal complications in lung and heart transplantation: Etiologies and diagnosis.Black, RJ; Novakovic, D; Plit, M; Miles, A; MacDonald, P; Madill, C
2019-05Transfer of donor anti-HLA antibody expression to multiple transplant recipients: A potential variant of the passenger lymphocyte syndrome?Kummrow, M; Hiho, S; Hudson, F; Cantwell, L; Mulley, WR; D'Orsogna, L; Testro, A; Pavlovic, J; MacDonald, P; Sullivan, LC; Snell, GI; Westall, GP
2013-04-05What is the methodological and reporting quality of health related quality of life in chronic heart failure clinical trials?Chang, S; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ; Krum, H; Salamonson, Y; MacDonald, P
2011-08-01The WHICH? Trial: Rationale and design of a pragmatic randomized, multicentre comparison of home- vs. clinic-based management of chronic heart failure patientsStewart, S; Carrington, MJ; Marwick, T; Davidson, PM; MacDonald, P; Horowitz, J; Krum, H; Newton, PJ; Reid, C; Scuffham, PA