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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Acute effects of removing large fish from a near-pristine coral reef.McCauley, DJ; Micheli, F; Young, HS; Tittensor, DP; Brumbaugh, DR; Madin, EMP; Holmes, KE; Smith, JE; Lotze, HK; DeSalles, PA; Arnold, SN; Worm, B
2018-03-01Benthic meiofaunal community response to the cascading effects of herbivory within an algal halo system of the Great Barrier ReefOllivier, QR; Hammill, E; Booth, DJ; Madin, EMP; Hinchliffe, C; Harborne, AR; Lovelock, CE; Macreadie, PI; Atwood, TB
2020-02Climate-driven shift in coral morphological structure predicts decline of juvenile reef fishes.Fontoura, L; Zawada, KJA; D'agata, S; Álvarez-Noriega, M; Baird, AH; Boutros, N; Dornelas, M; Luiz, OJ; Madin, JS; Maina, JM; Pizarro, O; Torres-Pulliza, D; Woods, RM; Madin, EMP
2010-05-20Decentralize, adapt and cooperate.Sagarin, RD; Alcorta, CS; Atran, S; Blumstein, DT; Dietl, GP; Hochberg, ME; Johnson, DDP; Levin, S; Madin, EMP; Madin, JS; Prescott, EM; Sosis, R; Taylor, T; Tooby, J; Vermeij, GJ
2008-10Engaging recreational fishers in management and conservation: global case studies.Granek, EF; Madin, EMP; Brown, MA; Figueira, W; Cameron, DS; Hogan, Z; Kristianson, G; de Villiers, P; Williams, JE; Post, J; Zahn, S; Arlinghaus, R
2010-12Field evidence for pervasive indirect effects of fishing on prey foraging behavior.Madin, EMP; Gaines, SD; Warner, RR
2010-12Fishing indirectly structures macroalgal assemblages by altering herbivore behavior.Madin, EMP; Gaines, SD; Madin, JS; Warner, RR
2008-02-15A global map of human impact on marine ecosystems.Halpern, BS; Walbridge, S; Selkoe, KA; Kappel, CV; Micheli, F; D'Agrosa, C; Bruno, JF; Casey, KS; Ebert, C; Fox, HE; Fujita, R; Heinemann, D; Lenihan, HS; Madin, EMP; Perry, MT; Selig, ER; Spalding, M; Steneck, R; Watson, R
2015-07-01Incorporating carbon footprints into seafood sustainability certification and eco-labelsMadin, EMP; Macreadie, PI
2010-04Key features and context-dependence of fishery-induced trophic cascades.Salomon, AK; Gaichas, SK; Shears, NT; Smith, JE; Madin, EMP; Gaines, SD
2011-12-01Landscape of fear visible from spaceMadin, EMP; Madin, JS; Booth, DJ
2020-07-01Latitude and protection affect decadal trends in reef trophic structure over a continental scaleMadin, EMP; Madin, JS; Harmer, AMT; Barrett, NS; Booth, DJ; Caley, MJ; Cheal, AJ; Edgar, GJ; Emslie, MJ; Gaines, SD; Sweatman, HPA
-Predators Shape Sedimentary Organic Carbon Storage in a Coral Reef EcosystemAtwood, TB; Madin, EMP; Harborne, AR; Hammill, E; Luiz, OJ; Ollivier, QR; Roelfsema, CM; Macreadie, PI; Lovelock, CE
2016-04-01Temperate predators and seasonal water temperatures impact feeding of a range expanding tropical fishBeck, HJ; Feary, DA; Fowler, AM; Madin, EMP; Booth, DJ