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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-04-29Accelerated Thermal Cycling Test of Microencapsulated Paraffin Wax/Polyaniline Made by Simple Preparation Method for Solar Thermal Energy Storage.Silakhori M; Naghavi MS; Metselaar HSC; Mahlia TMI; Fauzi H; Mehrali M
2014-01Cost-benefit analysis and emission reduction of energy efficient lighting at the Universiti Tenaga Nasional.Ganandran GSB; Mahlia TMI; Ong HC; Rismanchi B; Chong WT
2020-06Evaluating in-use vehicle emissions using air quality monitoring stations and on-road remote sensing systemsHuang Y; Mok W-C; Yam Y-S; Zhou JL; Surawski NC; Organ B; Chan EFC; Rahman MM; Mahlia TMI; Ong HC
2014-01Facile preparation of carbon microcapsules containing phase-change material with enhanced thermal properties.Tahan Latibari S; Mehrali M; Mehrali M; Mahlia TMI; Metselaar HSC
2019-11-22Geochemistry exploration and geothermometry application in the North Zone of Seulawah Agam, Aceh Besar District, IndonesiaIdroes R; Yusuf M; Saiful S; Alatas M; Subhan S; Lala A; Muslem M; Suhendra R; Idroes GM; Marwan M; Mahlia TMI
2020-05-11Insight into the Sustainable Integration of Bio- and Petroleum Refineries for the Production of Fuels and Chemicals.Dwi Prasetyo W; Putra ZA; Bilad MR; Mahlia TMI; Wibisono Y; Nordin NAH; Wirzal MDH
2020-07-22Multi-stage heat-pipe heat exchanger for improving energy efficiency of the HVAC system in a hospital operating room 1Sukarno R; Putra N; Hakim II; Rachman FF; Mahlia TMI
2019-05Palm oil and its wastes as bioenergy sources: a comprehensive review.Mahlia TMI; Ismail N; Hossain N; Silitonga AS; Shamsuddin AH
2019-08-17Phase change materials (PCM) for solar energy usages and storage: An overviewMofijur M; Mahlia TMI; Silitonga AS; Ong HC; Silakhori M; Hasan MH; Putra N; Ashrafur Rahman SM
2020-03-02Physicochemical properties of biodiesel synthesised from grape seed, Philippine tung, kesambi, and palm oilsOng HC; Mofijur M; Silitonga AS; Gumilang D; Kusumo F; Mahlia TMI
2020-03-13Toward Enhanced State of Charge Estimation of Lithium-ion Batteries Using Optimized Machine Learning Techniques.Hannan MA; Lipu MSH; Hussain A; Ker PJ; Mahlia TMI; Mansor M; Ayob A; Saad MH; Dong ZY
2020-11-01Waste collection route optimisation model for linking cost saving and emission reduction to achieve sustainable development goalsHannan MA; Begum RA; Al-Shetwi AQ; Ker PJ; Al Mamun MA; Hussain A; Basri H; Mahlia TMI
2020-07-14Withering of tea leaves using heat pipe heat exchanger by utilizing low-temperature geothermal energyGunawan Y; Putra N; Hakim II; Agustina D; Mahlia TMI