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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09-12A multi-method investigation into rheological properties, hydration, and early-age strength of cement composites with admixtures recovered from inorganic and bio-based waste streamsGupta, S; Mahmood, AH
2022-07-01Capturing the early-age physicochemical transformations of alkali-activated fly ash and slag using ultrasonic pulse velocity techniqueMahmood, AH; Babaee, M; Foster, SJ; Castel, A
2022-03-07Carbon sequestration in engineered lightweight foamed mortar – Effect on rheology, mechanical and durability propertiesGupta, S; Kashani, A; Mahmood, AH
2021-12-01Continuous Monitoring of the Early-Age Properties of Activated GGBFS with Alkaline Solutions of Different ConcentrationsMahmood, AH; Babaee, M; Foster, SJ; Castel, A
2019-10-01Durability of calcium aluminate and sulphate resistant Portland cement based mortars in aggressive sewer environment and sulphuric acidKhan, HA; Castel, A; Khan, MSH; Mahmood, AH
2021-10-11Effects of mixing duration on engineering properties of geopolymer concreteMahmood, AH; Foster, SJ; Castel, A
2020-11-30High-density geopolymer concrete for Port Kembla breakwater upgradeMahmood, AH; Foster, SJ; Castel, A
2022-07-01The efficiency of recycled glass powder in mitigating the alkali-silica reaction induced by recycled glass aggregate in cementitious mortarsMahmood, AH; Afroz, S; Kashani, A; Kim, T; Foster, SJ
2023-01-01Workability, strength, and shrinkage of ultra-high-performance seawater, sea sand concrete with different OPC replacement ratiosSaleh, S; Li, YL; Hamed, E; Mahmood, AH; Zhao, XL