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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01A hybrid numerical approach to predict the vibrational responses of panels excited by a turbulent boundary layerKarimi, M; Croaker, P; Maxit, L; Robin, O; Skvortsov, A; Marburg, S; Kessissoglou, N
2019-12-01Acoustic meta-atom with experimentally verified maximum Willis couplingMelnikov, A; Chiang, YK; Quan, L; Oberst, S; Alù, A; Marburg, S; Powell, D
2020-05-01Analytical and numerical prediction of acoustic radiation from a panel under turbulent boundary layer excitationKarimi, M; Maxit, L; Croaker, P; Robin, O; Skvortsov, A; Marburg, S; Noureddine, A; Kessissoglou, N
2017-01-01Determining periodic orbits via nonlinear filtering and recurrence spectra in the presence of noiseOberst, S; Marburg, S; Hoffmann, N
2021-12-01Effect of uncertainty in the balancing weights on the vibration response of a high-speed rotorDatz, J; Karimi, M; Marburg, S
2021-09Efficient solution of block Toeplitz systems with multiple right-hand sides arising from a periodic boundary element formulationJelich, C; Karimi, M; Kessissoglou, N; Marburg, S
2013-04-29Guidelines for numerical vibration and acoustic analysis of disc brake squeal using simple models of brake systemsOberst, S; Lai, JCS; Marburg, S
2018-11-26Measuring monopole and dipole polarizability of acoustic meta-atomsJordaan, J; Punzet, S; Melnikov, A; Sanches, A; Oberst, S; Marburg, S; Powell, DA
2020-12Non-negative intensity for planar structures under stochastic excitationKarimi, M; Maxit, L; Meyer, V; Marburg, S; Kirby, R
2019-01-01A numerical and experimental study of vibroacoustic responses of a panel excited by a turbulent boundary layerKarimi, M; Croaker, P; Kessissoglou, N; Robin, O; Atalla, N; Berry, A; Maxit, L; Skvortsov, A; Marburg, S
2023-10-27Realistic prediction and engineering of high-Q modes to implement stable Fano resonances in acoustic devices.Kronowetter, F; Maeder, M; Chiang, YK; Huang, L; Schmid, JD; Oberst, S; Powell, DA; Marburg, S
2020-10-01Reconfigurable acoustic metagrating for high efficiency anomalous reflectionsChiang, YK; Oberst, S; Melnikov, A; Quan, L; Marburg, S; Alù, A; Powell, D
2019-01-01Research and development of an air-puff excitation system for lightweight structuresHalkon, B; Rauter, A; Oberst, S; Marburg, S
2023-08-01Sound attenuation enhancement of acoustic meta-atoms via coupling.Kronowetter, F; Pretsch, L; Chiang, YK; Melnikov, A; Sepehrirahnama, S; Oberst, S; Powell, DA; Marburg, S
2021-01-01Surface contribution of a stochastically excited panel to the radiated sound powerKarimi, M; Maxit, L; Meyer, V; Marburg, S; Kirby, R