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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Behavioral Social Choice: Probabilistic Models, Statistical Inference, and ApplicationsMarley, AA; Regenwetter, M; Grofman, AB; Tsetlin, I
Jan-2010The best-worst method for the study of preferences: Theory and ApplicationMarley, AA; Frensch, PA; Schwarzer, R
Jan-2010Characterising Best-Worst Voting Systems In The Scoring ContextGarcia-lapresta, J; Marley, AA; Martinez-panero, M
Jan-2012Conceptual relations between expanded rank data and models of the unexpanded rank dataMarley, AA; Islam, T
Jan-2009Dissociating speed and accuracy in absolute identification: The effect of unequal stimulus spacingDonkin, C; Brown, SD; Heathcote, A; Marley, AA
Jan-2009Entropy-related measures of the utility of gambling.Luce, RD; Marley, AA; Ng, CT; Brams, SJ; Gehrlein, WV; Roberts, FS
Jan-2005Independence properties vis-a-vis several utility representationsMarley, AA; Luce, RD
Jan-2008An integrated model of choices and response times in absolute identificationBrown, SD; Marley, AA; Donkin, C; Heathcote, A
Jan-2008Inverted-U Effects generalize to the judgment of subjective properties of facesMignault, A; Marley, AA; Chaudhuri, A
Jan-2007Is absolute identification always relative? Comment on Stewart, Brown, and Chater (2005)Brown, SD; Marley, AA; Lacouture, Y
Jan-2008On the utility of gambling: Extending the approach of Meginiss (1976)Ng, CT; Luce, RD; Marley, AA
Jan-2008Utility of gambling I: Entropy-modified linear weighted utilityLuce, RD; Ng, CT; Marley, AA; Aczel, J
Jan-2008Utility of gambling II: Entropy-modified linear weighted utilityLuce, RD; Ng, CT; Marley, AA; Aczel, J
Jan-2009Utility of gambling under p(olynomial)-additive joint receipt and segregation or duplex decompositionMarley, AA; NC, T; Luce, RD
Jan-2009Utility of gambling when events are valued: An application of inset entropyMarley, AA; Ng, CT; Luce, RD
Jan-2005Utility representations of gambles: old, new, and needed resultsMarley, AA; Luce, RD