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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-05Dissociating speed and accuracy in absolute identification: the effect of unequal stimulus spacing.Donkin, C; Brown, SD; Heathcote, A; Marley, AAJ
2008-04An integrated model of choices and response times in absolute identification.Brown, SD; Marley, AAJ; Donkin, C; Heathcote, A
2008-10Inverted-U effects generalize to the judgment of subjective properties of faces.Mignault, A; Marley, AAJ; Chaudhuri, A
2007-04Is absolute identification always relative? Comment on Stewart, Brown, and Chater (2005).Brown, S; Marley, AAJ; Lacouture, Y
2008-01-01Modeling the choices of individual decision-makers by combining efficient choice experiment designs with extra preference informationLouviere, JJ; Street, D; Burgess, L; Wasi, N; Islam, T; Marley, AAJ
2012-02-01Models of best-worst choice and ranking among multiattribute options (profiles)Marley, AAJ; Pihlens, D
2013-01-01Prior distributions for random choice structuresMcCausland, WJ; Marley, AAJ
2013-02-01Probabilistic choice (models) as a result of balancing multiple goalsSwait, J; Marley, AAJ
2008-10-01Probabilistic models of set-dependent and attribute-level best-worst choiceMarley, AAJ; Flynn, TN; Louviere, JJ
2008-10-22Rescaling quality of life values from discrete choice experiments for use as QALYs: A cautionary taleFlynn, TN; Louviere, JJ; Marley, AAJ; Coast, J; Peters, TJ
2005-12-01Some probabilistic models of best, worst, and best-worst choicesMarley, AAJ; Louviere, JJ