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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2016Coal, climate and development: Comparative perspectivesGoodman, J; Marshall, JP; Pearse, R
1-Dec-2016Coal, nuclear and renewable energy policies in Germany: From the 1950s to the “Energiewende”Renn, O; Marshall, JP
1-Jun-2013Communication Failure and the Financial CrisisMarshall, JP
1-Jan-2014Communication technology and social life: Transformation and continuity, order and disorderMarshall, JP; Notley, T
1-Jun-2013Crisis, Movement and Management in Contemporary GlobalisationsGoodman, J; Marshall, JP
1-Jan-2014Crisis, Movement, Management Globalising DynamicsGoodman, J; Marshall, JP
1-Dec-2012Culture, disorder, and death in an online worldMarshall, JP
2009Depth Psychology, Disorder and Climate ChangeMarshall, JP
17-Apr-2015Disorder and the Disinformation Society: The Social Dynamics of Information, Networks and SoftwareMarshall, JP; Goodman, J; Zowghi, D; da Rimini, F
1-Dec-2016Disordering fantasies of coal and technology: Carbon capture and storage in AustraliaMarshall, JP
1-Jul-2013Disordering network theory: An introductionMarshall, JP; Goodman, J
27-Aug-2015Ecological complexity and the ethics of disorderMarshall, JP
27-Aug-2015Ecologies, ontologies and mythologies of possible futuresConnor, LH; Marshall, JP
27-Aug-2015Environmental change and the world's futures: Ecologies, ontologies and mythologiesConnor, LH; Marshall, JP
1-Jan-2016Futures of Governance: Ecological Challenges and Policy Myths in Tuna FisheriesBarclay, KM; Marshall, JP; Connor, LH
1-Jul-2013The information society: Permanent crisis through the (dis)ordering of networksMarshall, JP
Jan-2013The Intranet of the Living DeadMarshall, JP; Whelan, A; Walker, R; More, C
1-May-2015Plato and Gorgias walk into a SymposiumMarshall, JP; Koromilias, K
1-Nov-2018Problems of methodology and method in climate and energy research: Socialising climate change?Goodman, J; Marshall, JP
1-Nov-2018Psycho-social disruption, information disorder, and the politics of wind farmingMarshall, JP