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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-25Assessment of initial and Post-adoption Factors of Business Intelligence Systems in Saudi’s SMEs A pilot studyALMUSALLAM, M; Pradhan, S; Mastio, E
2021-04Contextual insight as an antecedent to strategic foresightMastio, E; Dovey, K
2019-07-04Curiosity in leadership: A strategic paradoxBickett, D; Schweitzer, J; Mastio, E
2020-01-01‘Feelings’ as identity work: A case of AI and Patent Attorneys in AustraliaAhuja, S; Mastio, E; Heizmann, H
2020-01-01Identities and Technology: AI and the Disruption of Patent Attorneys' Practices and IdentitiesAhuja, S; Mastio, E; Heizmann, H
2019-01-01Identity aspirations and legitimacy in a complex environmentMastio, E; Mothe, C
2022-01-01Investigating the Social Capital Theory in the University-Private Partnership: A Systematic ReviewHakami, M; Pradhan, S; Mastio, E
2019-12-19The learning organization as a context for value co-creationMastio, E; Chew, E; Dovey, KA
2019-12-01Oh What a Feeling! AI and Identity Challenges of Patent Attorneys in AustraliaAhuja, S; Mastio, E
2019-07-08Orchestrating Firm Sponsored Communities of Interest: A Critical Realist Case StudyPriharsari, D; Abedin, B; Mastio, E
2019-09-09Power dynamics in organizational change: an Australian caseMastio, E; Dovey, K
2021-01-01Sponsored Online Community Types and Participant’s Perceived ValuePriharsari, D; Mastio, E
2020-05-01Stuck in Defensive Professionalism: Undermining Organizational Change in an Intellectual Property Law FirmAhuja, S; Heizmann, H; Mastio, E
2021-09-19University-Industry Collaboration in the Middle East and North Africa Region: Current Trends and Future PerspectivesHakami, M; Pradhan, S; Mastio, E
2018-05Valuation and IP ManagementMastio, E; Hughes, D; Kinner, C; Collard, J; Pappas,, S
2020-01-10Value co-creation in firm sponsored online communities What enables, constrains, and shapes valuePriharsari, D; Abedin, B; Mastio, E
2022-01-01“Who you know affects what you know”: Knowledge transfer in the university–private partnership–a social capital perspectiveHakami, M; Pradhan, S; Mastio, E