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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jan-2019ArAl: An Online Tool for Source Code Snapshot Metadata AnalysisAhadi, A; Lister, R; Mathieson, L
1-Dec-2013Augmenting graphs to minimize the diameterFrati, F; Gaspers, S; Gudmundsson, J; Mathieson, L
19-Aug-2015Augmenting Graphs to Minimize the DiameterFrati, F; Gaspers, S; Gudmundsson, J; Mathieson, L
9-Nov-2011Clustering nodes in large-scale biological networks using external memory algorithmsArefin, AS; Inostroza-Ponta, M; Mathieson, L; Berretta, R; Moscato, P
29-Jan-2019A Comparison of Three Popular Source code Similarity Tools for Detecting Student PlagiarismAhadi, A; Mathieson, L
1-Jan-2017Computer-aided breast cancer diagnosis with optimal feature sets: Reduction rules and optimization techniquesMathieson, L; Mendes, A; Marsden, J; Pond, J; Moscato, P
1-Jan-2012Editing graphs to satisfy degree constraints: A parameterized approachMathieson, L; Szeider, S
1-Jan-2016Functional graphs of polynomials over finite fieldsKonyagin, SV; Luca, F; Mans, B; Mathieson, L; Sha, M; Shparlinski, IE
16-May-2017Graph editing problems with extended regularity constraintsMathieson, L
15-Dec-2010Hierarchical clustering using the arithmetic-harmonic cut: Complexity and experimentsRizzi, R; Mahata, P; Mathieson, L; Moscato, P
1-Jan-2017Incremental Problems in the Parameterized Complexity SettingMans, B; Mathieson, L
17-Nov-2010A kernelisation approach for multiple d-hitting set and its application in optimal multi-drug therapeutic combinationsMellor, D; Prieto, E; Mathieson, L; Moscato, P
13-Jul-2019A Memetic Algorithm Approach to Network AlignmentHaque, MN; Mathieson, L; Moscato, P
2-Feb-2018A memetic algorithm for community detection by maximising the connected cohesionHaque, MN; Mathieson, L; Moscato, P
13-Aug-2018Memetic algorithmsCotta, C; Mathieson, L; Moscato, P
-On the Feasibility of Maintenance Algorithms in Dynamic GraphsCasteigts, A; Mans, B; Mathieson, L
1-Jan-2014On the treewidth of dynamic graphsMans, B; Mathieson, L
-A Proof Checking View of Parameterized ComplexityMathieson, L
1-Jan-2016Relative neighborhood graphs uncover the dynamics of social media engagementde Vries, NJ; Arefin, AS; Mathieson, L; Lucas, B; Moscato, P
22-Feb-2017Separating sets of strings by finding matching patterns is almost always hardLancia, G; Mathieson, L; Moscato, P