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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-05-01Case Studies of Interprofessional Education Initiatives From Five CountriesLevett-Jones, T; Burdett, T; Chow, YL; Jönsson, L; Lasater, K; Mathews, LR; McAllister, M; Pooler, A; Tee, S; Wihlborg, J
2021-09-28Healing Right Way: study protocol for a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial to enhance rehabilitation services and improve quality of life in Aboriginal Australians after brain injury.Armstrong, E; Coffin, J; Hersh, D; Katzenellenbogen, JM; Thompson, S; Flicker, L; McAllister, M; Cadilhac, DA; Rai, T; Godecke, E; Hayward, C; Hankey, GJ; Drew, N; Lin, I; Woods, D; Ciccone, N
2018-02-01How education must reawaken empathyDean, S; McAllister, M
2015-11-01The reading room: Exploring the use of literature as a strategy for integrating threshold concepts into nursing curriculaMcAllister, M; Lasater, K; Stone, TE; Levett-Jones, T
2018-04-01Reshaping curricula: Culture and mental health in undergraduate health degreesMuir-Cochrane, E; O'Kane, D; McAllister, M; Levett-Jones, T; Gerace, A
2013-11-01Snapshots of simulation: Creative strategies used by Australian educators to enhance simulation learning experiences for nursing studentsMcAllister, M; Levett-Jones, T; Downer, T; Harrison, P; Harvey, T; Reid-Searl, K; Lynch, K; Arthur, C; Layh, J; Calleja, P
2018-03-01Snapshots of Simulation: Innovative Strategies Used by International Educators to Enhance Simulation Learning Experiences for Health Care StudentsAndersen, P; Baron, S; Bassett, J; Govind, N; Hayes, C; Lapkin, S; Lasater, K; Levett-Jones, T; McAllister, M; Pich, J; Power, T; Reid-Searl, K; Ryan, C; Shearer, K; Simes, T
2022-10-22Statistical analysis plan for the stepped wedge clinical trial Healing Right Way-enhancing rehabilitation services for Aboriginal Australians after brain injury.Armstrong, E; Rai, T; Hersh, D; Thompson, S; Coffin, J; Ciccone, N; Flicker, L; Cadilhac, D; Godecke, E; Woods, D; Hayward, C; Hankey, GJ; McAllister, M; Katzenellenbogen, J
2017-02-01Survey of antipsychotic medication curriculum content in Australian university nursing programmesMorrison, P; Stomski, NJ; McAllister, M; Wynaden, D; Hungerford, C; Usher, K; Maude, P; Crowther, A; Batterbee, R
2011-09-16Teaching ideas for generating critical and constructive insights into well-functioning multidisciplinary mental health teamsMcAllister, M; Morrissey, S; McAuliffe, D; Davidson, G; McConnell, H; Reddy, P
2020-09-24The problem with the superhero narrative during COVID-19.McAllister, M; Brien, DL; Dean, S
2020-01-01TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING Global approaches to nurse educationMcAllister, M
2016-01-01The viewing room: A lens for developing ethical comportmentMcAllister, M; Levett-Jones, T; Petrini, MA; Lasater, K
2017-07-01We are one, but we are many: How a reboot to the Bachelor of Nursing program could benefit us all.Dean, SJ; McAllister, M